Cytomos unveils patented AuraCyt™ brand and launches new website for its transformative cell analysis technology

Biotech company, Cytomos ( is pleased to announce the creation of its newly named AuraCyt™ cell analysis technology brand and the launch of its enhanced website – encapsulating the transformative R&D benefits of its ground-breaking cell analysis technology.

AuraCyt™ provides information on AuraCyt™ provides information on cell properties that is set to revolutionise analytical technology (PAT) to improve the pace and accuracy cell properties that no other process analytical technology (PAT) and improves the pace and accuracy of single cell analysis. The technology has the potential to be incorporated in-line, allowing real-time monitoring of cell manufacturing events and predicting manufacturing success. AuraCyt™ provides the capability to collect a multitude of data that measures the intrinsic properties of individual cells in real-time, and to obtain a unique digital profile for subsequent a downstream analysis and characterisation.  Consequently, the technology is set to radically change the way that processes are monitored, whilst transforming velocity in biopharmaceutical R&D and fundamentally changing bioprocess PAT adoptionadaptation.

Pioneering: AuraCyt™ accelerates biological drug discovery and development, and streamlines manufacturing, with real-time monitoring potential and better prospects for automation

Label-free: The technology harnesses the power of dielectric spectroscopy and microelectronics and characterises cells without the need for labelsimproving the pace and accuracy of single cell analysis.

Unbiased: The technology addresses the analytical challenges of cell and gene therapy developers, with fast and sensitive detection of single-cell attributes. The platform generates predictive analytics for consistent decision-making without operator bias

Uniquely scalable: AuraCyt™ is the only scalable technology that can measure cellular physiology, based on real-time intrinsic single-cell properties

AuraCyt™ enables scientists to measure cells using a wide range of frequencies concurrently to build a picture of the cells in high dimensional space. This allows the technology to sense deep within the cells as well as measure cell surface features, creating unique digital cell fingerprints. These fingerprints can be used to both infer information about the cell or the cell population of interest and to predict cell behaviour in cell line development programmes and biomanufacturing events

Dr Lindsay Fraser, Cytomos’ Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) commented: “Our revamped website highlights the benefits that our technology brings to researchers, scientists and industrialists in both the biologics and cell and gene therapy sectors. To recap, our fast and scalable AuraCyt™ platform closely monitors a broad range of individual cell features simultaneously, to provide label-free, unbiased, consistent, accurate and reliable predictive analytics for biomanufacturing and other applications. AuraCyt™ can save and optimise batches, address pressing industry needs for smarter, less labour-intensive, and more automated processes capable of driving down biomanufacturing costs and realizing scale-out in the manufacture of personalised, regenerative medicines.”

Cytomos CEO, David Rigterink commented: “The AuraCyt™ brand name and our new website encapsulates and conveys the essence of Cytomos and its transformative technology. We have and are attracting the brightest minds highest quality personnel to help drive forward our exciting scientific, technological, business, marketing and commercial objectives. Our technology can provide intrinsic cell analysis data at speed to enable critically important, better-informed decision-making much earlier and can streamline product development to greatly reduce the cost and time taken to complete R&D programmes, technology transfer events and scaled manufacture. The ability to fail faster and generate products that succeed will help ensure the delivery of more healthcare treatments to more patients and reduce healthcare costs.”

About Cytomos and AuraCyt™

Cytomos is a dynamic early-stage company developing ground-breaking cell analysis systems that can be used alone or alongside conventional technologies such as flow cytometry. AuraCyt™ leverages cost-efficient microchip technology, providing streamlined testing strategies and economically viable cell therapies. The technology closely monitors a broad range of individual cell features simultaneously and collects data on intrinsic cellular properties in real-time, delivering unbiased, consistent, accurate and reliable predictive analytics for biomanufacturing and other applications.

With huge potential for applications across a range of markets, Cytomos is continuing to engage with well-known force multipliers in the bioprocessing and cell and gene therapy space, including bioprocessing solution market leaders and cutting-edge TechBio partners set to dominate the Advanced Therapy Medical Products (ATMPs) space, who see the ease of use and positive impact that AuraCyt™ is having on their work.

Cytomos’ mission is to become the undisputed PAT partner for real-time-single-cell analytics. AuraCyt™ will accelerate biological drug discovery and development, and it will streamline manufacturing, with real-time monitoring and better prospects for automation.

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