Dionex Introduces the High Pressure UltiMate 3000 RSLC System

Dionex expands its family of industry-leading HPLCs with the new UltiMate® 3000 Rapid Separation LC (RSLC) system . RSLC is ideal for ultrafast high resolution LC, as well as conventional HPLC applications. The system’s unrivaled flexibility is provided by an extensive flow-pressure footprint, delivering flow rates up to 5 mL/min at backpressures of up to 800 bar (11,600 psi). Autosampler cycle times of only 15 seconds, oven temperatures up to 110 °C, and data collection rates up to 100 Hz—even when acquiring UV-Vis spectra set a new benchmark for U-HPLC performance. The system is complemented by a new set of Acclaim® RSLC 2 µm columns, also with an 800 bar pressure rating, to provide high efficiency separations with exceptionally short run times.

The UltiMate 3000 RSLC system is part of Dionex Intelligent LC (LCi) solutions with Chromeleon® Chromatography Management Software and a method speed-up calculator for easy conversion of conventional LC methods to fast LC methods. Chromeleon enables instantaneous data calculation to complement the ultrafast separations of RSLC.

Dionex (NASDAQ:DNEX) is a global leader in the manufacturing and marketing of liquid chromatography and extraction systems, consumables, and software for chemical analysis. The company’s systems are used worldwide in environmental analysis and by the life sciences, chemical, petrochemical, food and beverage, power generation, and electronics industries. Our expertise in applications and instrumentation helps analytical scientists to evaluate and develop pharmaceuticals, establish environmental regulations, and produce better industrial products.

Acclaim, Chromeleon, and UltiMate are registered trademarks of Dionex Corporation.

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