DKSH Enhances its Technology With the Expansion and Upgrade of its Instrumentation lab in China

DKSH has expanded and upgraded its existing demo, training, and applications lab center for the scientific instrumentation industry in China. The enhanced facility is equipped with cutting-edge technology to meet the evolving needs of the scientific community and further strengthen DKSH’s commitment to providing top-notch services in the industry.

Shanghai – DKSH’s Business Unit Technology is pleased to announce the expansion and upgrade of its state-of-the-art scientific instrumentation lab in Shanghai, China. The local team is excited about the opportunities this upgrade brings for collaboration, innovation, and driving instrumentation advancements in China.

The upgraded lab features advanced instrumentation and analytical tools, allowing DKSH to offer comprehensive solutions for quality control, research and development, and analytical testing across various industries. The expansion underscores DKSH’s dedication to supporting innovation and excellence in the scientific community.

The new state-of-the-art facility is fully equipped with the most advanced technologies and analysis equipment for industries and academia. It provides a broad range of specialized services, including instrument demonstration, application engineering, sample testing, R&D support, and technical training.

At the opening ceremony, Cathleen Lin, General Manager, Scientific Instrumentation, Technology, DKSH China said: “The expansion of our instrumentation lab represents a significant stride in our commitment to providing advanced research solutions. The upgrade of the elemental functional analy-sis area will enable us to comprehensively address quality control and research and development needs across various industries. The introduction of the high-resolution X-ray micro-CT analysis area will provide our customers with more in-depth and precise analytical services, assisting them in achieving greater success in research and development.”

Jeff Ouyang, Managing Director of the Business Unit Technology at DKSH China, expressed his enthusiasm about the upgraded facility, stating: “I am so proud about of our lab expansion. The enhanced lab reflects our dedication to offering comprehensive services across the entire lifecycle of scientific instruments. From calibration to maintenance and training, DKSH is dedicated to providing unparalleled support to our clients. We look forward to leveraging our lab to offer our partners and clients more comprehensive and advanced research solutions, jointly promoting the vibrant development of science and technology innovation in the Chinese market.”

At DKSH we are driven by a passion for innovation and excellence. The lab’s expansion enables DKSH to provide an even wider range of services, including calibration, maintenance, and training programs for a diverse array of scientific instruments. This investment aligns with DKSH’s mission to empower businesses, drive innovation, and contribute to the advancement of research and development efforts in the region.

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