EDB GlobalConnect Certified Technology Partnership

We are excited to announce our partnership with EDB, the leading provider of Postgres-based data management solutions. Our collaboration brings together EDB Postgres Advanced Server and Chemaxon’s JChem PostgreSQL Cartridge to offer customers a comprehensive and seamless solution for chemical structure searching and management.

The certificate opens up new possibilities for our users by integrating our technology with EDB Postgres Advanced Server, a powerful and scalable open-source relational database management system. The JChem PostgreSQL Cartridge extends the capabilities of Postgres, allowing our users to store, search, and retrieve chemical structures and associated data with ease. This integration provides an efficient solution for chemical structure searching and management, making it easier for researchers and scientists to access and analyze chemical data within their Postgres-based environment.

Contact us to learn more about JChem PostgreSQL Cartridge and the EDB compatible installers.

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