Eksigent and Phenomenex Establish HPLC Marketing and Technology Alliance

Dublin, California, – Eksigent, a leading provider of capillary HPLC systems and Phenomenex, Inc., one of the world’s largest manufacturers of HPLC columns, announce a strategic marketing and technology collaboration to develop columns optimized for capillary HPLC systems. Under the agreement, Phenomenex will offer a line of capillary HPLC columns that are tested and optimized for use on Eksigent’s ExpressLC instruments. Phenomenex will also now use Eksigent systems in its QC processes for capillary columns. The collaboration will provide Eksigent customers with a wider range of columns, including the Luna*, Synergi*, Gemini* and Jupiter* brands from Phenomenex as well as Eksigent’s own ChromXP line, all of which are optimized to operate at the high linear flow velocities of the ExpressLC systems. The companies will also work together to present seminars and application articles highlighting research using Phenomenex columns on Eksigent systems.

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