eLabNext Partners with Promega to Make Product Protocols Accessible for eLabProtocols Users

BOSTON, MA – eLabNext (an Eppendorf Group company), the provider of a Digital Lab Platform with lab inventory management system (LIMS), electronic lab notebook (ELN), and artificial intelligence (AI)/machine learning(ML) solutions for life science laboratories, and Promega Corporation (Promega), a global leader in innovative technologies, tools, and technologies for the life science industry, announced a collaboration today to make Promega’s standard operating procedures (SOPs) readily accessible through the eLabNext’s, eLabMarketplace.

This partnership will enable select protocols associated with Promega’s Wizard™ Extraction Chemistries, GoTaq® Master Mixes, and Bioluminescence Glo® Assays products to be hosted on eLabNext’s web-based protocol and SOP management platform, eLabProtocols, allowing integration and incorporation into users’ eLabJournal, eLabNext’s easy-to-use, fully customizable ELN platform.

“As the industry matures, and the knowledge and need for lab digitization expands, especially with the inevitable acceptance of the role of AI in biotechnology, we have been seeing more and more of our customers requesting more easily accessible protocols for their assays,” says Zareh Zurabyan, Head of eLabNext, Americas. “We have noticed an uptick in requests for Promega Cell Biology, Protein Analysis, and other protocols, and given the mutual connections between Promega and us, it was a natural progression to work together so we can provide more comprehensive digital solutions for our mutual customers. Ultimately, our goal is to make scientists’ lives easier and integrating Promega’s SOPs directly into our platform will enable them to stay on top of the most recent protocol updates in real time.”

“Promega is committed to providing digital tools to customers in academic, applied, pharma, biotech, and clinical research that increase accessibility to our leading tools and technologies,” says Tom Livelli, Vice President of Life Science Products and Services at Promega. “eLabProtocols provides a platform to easily adapt our reagent protocols to a laboratory’s specific research and quickly share them with colleagues to foster better collaboration.

The integration of Promega’s protocols serves as another example of the open and customizable functionality of eLabNext’s platform through eLabMarketplace.

About Promega Corporation

Promega Corporation is a leading provider of innovative solutions and technical support to the life sciences industry. With over 40 years of experience, the company offers a diverse portfolio of more than 4,000 products supporting various life science disciplines, including cell biology, DNA, RNA, protein analysis, drug development, human identification, and molecular diagnostics. Promega’s tools and technologies have continually evolved and expanded their applications in academic and government research labs, forensics, pharmaceutical companies, and clinical diagnostics facilities, as well as in agricultural and environmental testing. Headquartered in Madison, WI, USA, Promega Corporation operates globally, with branches in 16 countries and an extensive network of over 50 global distributors.

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