Electrochemical Detector from ESA Biosciences Offers Redox Capability in Single Cell

CHELMSFORD, Mass. – The Coulochem III from ESA Biosciences, Inc., uniquely combines both coulometric and amperometric detection in a flexible high performance electrochemical detector system. In combination with ESA’s patented electrodes, the Coulochem III detector is the only electrochemical detector to offer redox capability in a single cell. Compatible with all HPLC columns and offering the widest choice of operating modes, the Coulochem III readily quantifies picogram to femtogram levels of oxidizable or reducible neurochemical, clinical, pharmaceutical, environmental, and biological compounds in a sample. Electrochemical detection is the acknowledged standard for highly sensitive and selective detection in HPLC. Advanced electronics give the Coulochem III market-leading stability and the lowest limits of detection possible. Coulochem III’s Integrated Organizer Module also saves valuable bench space and provides a protected, temperature-stabilized environment for columns and cells. For more information about the Coulochem III, please contact: ESA Biosciences, Inc., 22 Alpha Road, Chelmsford, MA 01824. Tel: 978-250-7000. Fax: 978-250-7090. Email: [email protected]; Web: www.esainc.com Founded in 1968, ESA Biosciences, Inc., a subsidiary of Magellan Biosciences, Inc., is a leading manufacturer and supplier of analytical instruments for the life science, clinical diagnostic, drug discovery, and pharmaceutical industries. The company offers a complete line of HPLC systems, components, and advanced detectors, along with a broad range of analytical services.

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