EpiCypher® announces automated CUT&RUN platform for high-throughput epigenomics

Research Triangle Park, NC – EpiCypher announces the development of a fully automated CUT&RUN assay (autoCUT&RUN) for high-throughput mapping of chromatin features. Based on EpiCypher’s industry-leading CUTANA® CUT&RUN kits, this technology is a significant paradigm shift in epigenomic profiling, enabling scaled research that will advance therapeutic development and biomarker discovery.

CUT&RUN is a powerful approach to map the genomic distribution of chromatin-associated proteins, including histone modifications, transcription factors, and chromatin remodelers. This technique is a vast improvement over chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP), the historical gold-standard method for chromatin mapping. Compared to ChIP, CUT&RUN generates high resolution chromatin profiling data with improved signal-to-noise, but only requires a fraction of the cells and sequencing depth. CUT&RUN is highly amenable to assay automation, as it does not require cell lysis or chromatin digestion, which are impediments to assay scale-up in ChIP-based workflows.

EpiCypher has pioneered next-generation chromatin profiling technologies under the CUTANA® Collection, which includes the sister approaches CUT&RUN and CUT&Tag. At the core of these technologies is the integration of EpiCypher’s proprietary SNAP-CUTANA® nucleosomes, which are essential for well-controlled precision assays in support of reliable high-throughput studies.

“EpiCypher’s CUTANA® autoCUT&RUN platform provides epigenomics at a scale and cost that enables a higher resolution view and deeper insight to genome biology,” says Dr. Michael-Christopher Keogh, Chief Scientific Officer at EpiCypher. “Our streamlined and standardized workflow can process thousands of CUT&RUN reactions per month, fundamentally transforming how chromatin mapping can be applied.”

EpiCypher developed the CUTANA® autoCUT&RUN solution to meet the rapidly growing demand for large scale applications, including therapeutic mechanism of action, drug dosing, cell identity fingerprinting, and biomarker discovery. EpiCypher will soon commercialize autoCUT&RUN as part of an end-to-end CUT&RUN assay service. In addition, the company will supply custom kit solutions to external labs, enabling the adoption of autoCUT&RUN to meet their scaling needs.

“AutoCUT&RUN is the foundation of our end-to-end CUT&RUN assay services, providing a new standard for epigenomic profiling of research, pre-clinical and clinical samples,” says Dr. Martis W. Cowles, Chief Business Officer at EpiCypher. “We are encouraged by the overwhelmingly positive feedback from our early pharma partners who are leveraging autoCUT&RUN to advance their drug development programs.”

About EpiCypher – EpiCypher® was created in response to the growing demand for high-quality reagents and tools to study chromatin regulation and enable epigenetics-focused drug development. The Company manufactures and sells the largest collection of defined “designer” nucleosomes (dNucs) on the market and offers a range of high-throughput nucleosome-based assays and services for chromatin research and drug development. EpiCypher is also at the cutting edge of chromatin mapping technologies with the recent launch of the CUTANA® platform for ultra-sensitive ChIC, CUT&RUN, and CUT&Tag profiling assays. To enable these studies, EpiCypher sells best-in-class antibodies, nucleosome spike-in controls, supporting reagents, and library prep solutions, together providing all the necessary tools to go from cells to data. EpiCypher is dedicated to bringing these transformative technologies to market and offers superior products and assay services to researchers worldwide.

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