Eppendorf AG and Gentel® Biosciences signed a global license agreement

Eppendorf AG, the German Life Sciences systems provider and Gentel® Biosciences, a leader in protein microarrays, today announced they have signed a global license agreement to provide Gentel’s customers withan ultra-sensitive multiplexed protein analysis tools using colorimetric detection and its proprietary nitrocellulose films.

The agreement licenses Eppendorf’s Silverquant® colorimetric detection technology for use in protein detection assays. Silverquant is a patented method in which gold particle-enhanced silver crystal deposition is used for detection and quantification on microarrays.

“Gentel’s optically clear nitrocellulose is the market leading surface chemistry for protein arrays. Combining Silverquant with Gentel’s nitrocellulose surface chemistry promises remarkable sensitivity and reproducibility in colorimetric multiplexed protein assays,” said Bryce Nelson, Gentel VP of R&D.

Eppendorf currently offers Silverquant in a complete, integrated system for DNA arrays. “The agreement with Gentel Biosciences demonstrates the broad applicability of our Silverquant® detection technology beyond DNA microarrays, and underlines the strength of our IP portfolio,” said Klaus Fink, chairman of the management board of Eppendorf AG. “We look forward to further advancing protein array applications in our relationship with Gentel.”

The license and supply agreement adds to Gentel’s growing intellectual property position in multiplexed protein detection. “This agreement with Eppendorf extends Gentel’s technology footprint beyond fluorescence-based microarray analysis for the first time. We are extremely excited about the possibilities enabled by this powerful technology combination, including access to new markets like clinical research,” said Alex Vodenlich, Gentel President and CEO.

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