ERWEKA launches new vessel cleaner

ERWEKA, the premium brand of test equipment for the pharmaceutical and life science industries, has launched the new Dissolution Vessel Cleaner DVC-24.

Dissolution vessel cleaning faster than ever before

DVC 24 newsDVC-24 – Efficient and mobile cleaning of dissolution vessels

The new patented steam cleaning method from Gloss Technologies which is build inside the DVC-24 allows quick and easy dissolution vessel cleaning. Since the vessels can remain inside the dissolution tester, risks of accidents such as glass breakage or contamination due to spilling are completely avoided. With a short start-up time of less than seven minutes and vessel cleaning within 20 seconds, the DVC-24 greatly speeds up the remachining process of the dissolution tester. Thanks to its light-weight and mobile design, the DVC-24 can be used in every laboratory and with every dissolution tester, regardless of the equipment manufacturer. To guarantee reliable cleaning results, it is possible to qualify the cleaning method, complete with reference tablets and qualification documents. With these features, the DVC-24 Vessel Cleaner is the perfect solution for increasing productivity and improving compliance with dissolution laboratory requirements.

DVC 24 GeraetDVC-24 – Ecological cleaning by using steam as a cleaning agent

  As of now the DVC-24 by Gloss Technologies is exclusively available from ERWEKA. MORE ABOUT THE DVC-24


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