Making clinical proteomics 100x more robust and 10x faster

Anaheim, CA – ASMS 2024 – Evosep, a leader in the field of proteomics, is proud to announce several significant advancements in scalable proteomics workflows at the ASMS 2024 conference in Anaheim. These innovations underline Evosep’s commitment to enhancing the efficiency and accessibility of proteomics as a toolbox, specifically targeting the acceleration of the drug discovery process and bridging translational research to proteomics-based diagnostics. When combined with genomic information, proteomics offers a deeper understanding of biological systems by linking protein expression with genetic data. Integrating proteomics with next generation sequencing allows researchers to uncover molecular mechanisms of diseases, identify new biomarkers, and develop more personalized and effective therapeutic strategies.

Key Innovations

Fully Automated Workflows: Capable of processing over 500 plasma samples per day, these workflows are designed to maximize efficiency and throughput while minimizing manual labor and potential for error, particularly benefiting drug discovery and translational research.

  •  Enable high-throughput processing of plasma samples to screen large sample cohorts with efficiency and consistency
  •  Miniaturized workflows to significantly reduce the cost per sample and the environmental footprint.
  •  Increase assay reliability and reproducibility by minimizing manual intervention and human error
  •  Increase walk-away time to free up analysts to conduct more value-added activities  Accelerate the discovery of potential therapeutic targets, improving efficiency and reducing cost

Whisper™ Zoom Methods: This new technology enhances the scalability and sensitivity of proteomics workflows, enabling researchers to achieve more detailed and accurate results, thereby supporting the development of proteomics-based diagnostics.

Reach new levels of sensitivity and precision to detect and quantify low-abundant proteins and identify novel biomarkers

Unlock deeper biological insights to interrogate disease pathways and discover potential therapeutic targets.

Evosep Biolabs: Center of Excellence for High Throughput Proteomics:

Evosep announces the opening of Evosep Biolabs, a center of excellence for high throughput proteomics that specializes in proteomic analytical services of plasma proteomics samples by leveraging automated sample preparation and standardized separation methods. This initiative provides significant value to customers by:

Delivering automated sample preparation and standardized separation methods to improve biological insights.

Access to state-of-the-art proteomic LC-MS/MS workflows and assay development by industry experts.

Managing and performing end-to-end, automated proteomic workflows to support the migration of methods between laboratories and contract services partners.

Provide scalable capacity for the outsourcing of protein biomarker discovery and translational research projects.

“Evosep’s new advancements in proteomics workflows and proteomic analytical services established within our Evosep Biolabs Center of Excellence are set to transform the landscape of proteomics research to unlock biological insights,” says Morten Bern, CEO of Evosep. “Our fully automated workflows and the new Whisper Zoom methods are designed to meet the growing demands for higher throughput and greater precision in proteomics, empowering researchers to make breakthroughs faster than ever before. These innovations are particularly aimed at accelerating drug discovery and facilitating translational research, ultimately fostering the development of proteomics-based diagnostics.”

Note to Editors:

Evosep will be at Booth #227 during the ASMS 2024 conference. Members of the media are invited to a discussion on the future of proteomics workflows.

For more information, please call +45 2633 2021, e-mail [email protected], or visit www.evosep.com.

About Evosep

Evosep aims to improve quality of life and patient care by radically innovating protein based clinical diagnostics, initially through collaborations with world-leading scientists about developing new technologies and solutions to make sample separation 100 times more robust and 10 times faster than todays’ alternatives.

Information about Evosep is available at www.evosep.com.

The Evosep One instrument is for Research Use Only (RUO).

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