Fentanyl Identification On the Street and In the Lab

From pills and powders to large smuggling operations, Metrohm helps you identify fentanyl.

Plainsboro, NJ — Metrohm is pleased to announce that it has released a new website dedicated to the identification of fentanyl. idfentanyl.com is an overview of Metrohm’s capability to detect and identify fentanyl using Raman spectroscopy. This site demonstrates the power of Raman products in various real-world situations – where clear answers are essential.

Finding a problem is the first step to solving it.

Fentanyl is often mixed with safe everyday items for distribution. From candy to over -the-counter medications, dealers will use any method necessary to hide their illegal activities. Our SERS technology expands our ability to identify fentanyl at very low but hazardous levels that could be hiding in plain sight.

Identification in and out of the lab

Raman products from Metrohm can work in either a field or laboratory setting to identify fentanyl. These instruments can aid in law enforcement establishing cause for an arrest or help work through the backlog of samples taken from crime scenes daily. Put Raman in front of other analytical tools to help screen samples before you waste valuable time and resources on other analysis tools.

Quote: “First responders around the world count on us to help them address this global problem,” said Nancy Morris, CEO of Metrohm Spectro, Inc. “Raman products from Metrohm keep these first responders safe while they work to keep our communities safe.”

About Metrohm

Metrohm is one of the world’s most trusted manufacturers of high-precision laboratory and process analysis instruments. The company was founded in 1943 by engineer Bertold Suhner in Herisau, Switzerland, where it is headquartered to this day. Metrohm offers a comprehensive portfolio of analytical technologies ranging from titration and ion chromatography to near-infrared and Raman spectroscopy, as well as several other techniques. Metrohm sells its products and provides services through its local subsidiaries and exclusive distributors in more than 120 countries worldwide. In a nutshell, our mission is to help customers from virtually every industry analyze and maintain the quality of their products at every stage in the manufacturing process and beyond. Since 1982, Metrohm has been owned 100% by the non-profit Metrohm Foundation. This foundation keeps to its purpose to support charitable, philanthropic, and cultural projects in eastern Switzerland and, above all, ensure the independence of the company.

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