FOSS announces the XDS Biodiesel Analyser, a rapid and easy-to-use solution for improved control of biodiesel production

The XDS instrument is supplied pre-calibrated and ready to test a range of key control parameters throughout the production process. It can be used to test deliveries of vegetable oils used as raw material, for monitoring the effectiveness of the biodiesel conversion process and for testing against biodiesel standards such as EN 14214/ASTM D6751.

Compared to existing analysis methods, the XDS is faster and easier. This promotes quality while reducing costs and wastage. For instance, monitoring of di-glyceride during the conversion process ensures optimal dosage of catalyst in line with standards.

Rapid and easy-to-use

A measurement with the XDS Biodiesel Analyser takes about two minutes compared to about an hour with traditional Gas Chromatography analysis. The XDS is also simpler to use, allowing anyone working in the plant to contribute to quality without the risk of human error that can occur with operators unfamiliar with the GC technique. To do a test, a sample is placed in the XDS and the results are then displayed on a computer screen.

A user of the XDS system is SunOil biodiesel, The Netherlands. In an interview for FOSS In Focus magazine, laboratory manager, Marc Arends, said: “In the past there was some doubt about some of the results because obviously not everyone working in the plant is a trained laboratory technician, but now it is so simple to make a measurement that the human error is removed.”

FOSS Biofuel segment manager, Johan Weimann said: “With the XDS, quality and efficiency go hand in hand, helping producers to profit while making optimal use of valuable resources.”

More Information

The XDS instrument will be on show at the FOSS stand at the Biofuel International exhibition, June 4-5th, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. FOSS will present on the subject of NIR analysis at the exhibition conference. More information is available online at .

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