FOSS launches the WineScan™ 3 wine analyser

The latest WineScan™ 3 marks a milestone in wine analysis that ensures an expanding world of insight with less cost and less work than earlier solutions. Read more about the launch of the new solution and how it offers perfect timing for today’s wine industry.

Ever since the revolutionary WineScan™ instrument was introduced in 1999, the solution has been continually enhanced. Now, a whole new take on the proven concept secures the future of wine quality for winemakers and wine laboratories alike.

Analytical insight more critical than ever
From El Niño to global warming, recent seasons have seen unprecedented challenges for global wine production. As skilled and experienced as wine professionals are, they need more support than ever to time harvests, to handle less than perfect grapes, to track fermentation and perfect their blending and bottling.

Back in the late nineteen nineties, FOSS scientists made a breakthrough in liquid analysis with a technology called fourier transform infrared (FTIR). Providing a raft of key quality parameters in seconds, it proved to be a game changer for control of the whole winemaking process, from the vineyard to the bottle. Now, the story of innovation continues with the WineScan 3. A comprehensive range of tests, in­cluding unique new test options such as tannins in wine and yeast assimilable nitrogen during fermentation, not to mention the option to free and total SO2 functionality faster than with earlier instrument generations (now two minutes instead of two and a half).

What’s new about WineScan™ 3

Compared to earlier solutions, the latest generation WineScan 3 technology offers a number of advancements, including:

• Automatic instrument standardization saving time and work that was involved with earlier solutions

• A high throughput autosampler that can test over 130 samples an hour

• An expanding range of test options such as tannins and yeast assimilable nitrogen during fermentation

• High repeatability of results, avoiding the need to run replicates to check results

• Intelligent diagnostics that help to streamline maintenance work

• Faster and simpler SO2 measurements

• A robust flow system that helps to handle tricky samples, such as grape-must, with ease 

Relieving the pressure on wine analysis operations

Not only does the new WineScan offer a wealth of test data, it also makes it simpler to get that data with minimal burden on operations. This is a timely development when it is a challenge to secure and retain skilled labour in the winery or in the laboratory.

 The automatic instrument standardization eliminates instrument drift and ensures stable results over time. In contrast to earlier generation solutions, there is no need to perform time-consuming standardization checks with associated use of chemical reagents and significantly reducing the need for costly reference analysis.

Further automation features include a high throughput flow system and autosampler supporting over 130 tests per hour, fully unattended. Meanwhile, automatic backup and reporting keeps data safe and connectivity ensures accessibility for traceability.

Supporting a creative approach to evolving consumer tastes

Winemakers today often need to push the envelope on wine style and quality in step with consumer tastes and the demands of an ever-changing climate. The time and performance gains offered by the WineScan 3 are highly relevant in reducing the worry about running instruments, leaving users free to spend more time on what they are best at – creating quality wine.

Every test result is based on 30 subsamples to give highly accurate and repeatable results. This avoids the need for replicate meas­urements to confirm the validity of results. Touch screen operation and a highly-intuitive software interface make it simple for anyone in the laboratory or winery to operate. Further, the smart-enabled platform pro­vides a close level of support while connectivity also allows you to build your own quality control universe with multiple instruments across sites and locations.

While no one can control the challenges the wine industry needs to work with, innovative technology can ensure that those making key decisions every day have the data they need to do their job. In this context, the all-new WineScan 3 and WineScan 3 SO2 offer perfect timing, providing an expanding world of analytical insight as a natural part of winemaking today.

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