GE Healthcare introduces VivaspinTM sample concentrators for protein sample prep

GE Healthcare announced today that it is introducing Vivaspin™ sample concentrators for protein sample prep, offering fast and convenient concentration of biological samples with minimal membrane blocking, excellent recoveries (typically >95%) and no risk of concentration to dryness. Vivaspin provides fast, nondenaturing concentration of up to 30 times from a range of volumes between 100 ìl to 20 ml. Sample concentration using Vivaspin is performed by membrane filtration in a single tube and the molecular weight cut-off of the membrane can be selected by the user. The sample is placed into the upper compartment of the tube, and centrifugation is applied to force solvent through a semipermeable membrane into the lower compartment of the tube. This leaves a more concentrated sample in the upper chamber. Vivaspin is a well established product on the market from Sartorius Stedim Biotech GmbH that will now also be sold under the GE Healthcare brand. Vivaspin represents the latest addition to GE Healthcare’s Trap platform which addresses the need for easy, small-scale preparation of protein samples prior to analyses such as 1-D, 2-D, MS and LC-MS. The new Vivaspin sample concentrators are available now from GE Healthcare.

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