Geospiza™ Joins Illumina Connect Partnership Program

SEATTLE, Washington – June 24, 2008 – Geospiza, Inc., a leading developer of workflow management software for genetic analysis, today announced that it joined Illumina Connect, a bioinformatics software partnership program established by Illumina to advance data integration and analysis. Illumina is a leading developer, manufacturer, and marketer of next-generation life science tools and integrated systems for the large-scale analysis of genetic variation and biological function.

At a recent webinar sponsored by Illumina, Geospiza demonstrated how FinchLab™ Next Gen Edition workflow software can be used to track samples, quality review data and characterize the biological significance of an Illumina dataset while streamlining the entire process from sample to results for a Digital Gene Expression experiment.

“Geospiza’s FinchLab offers a flexible solution for service labs looking to support next-generation sequencing technologies. Unlike many applications, FinchLab is highly tailored to the specific needs of the Genome Analyzer, with tools for managing and analyzing next-generation genetic sequence data that can accelerate research and discovery,” said Omoshile Clement, Ph.D., Senior Product Manager of Informatics at Illumina. “We see great value in tools like FinchLab that support a variety of technologies, from microarrays to next-generation sequencers.”

“We are delighted to be an Illumina Connect partner. Illumina is gaining significant experience in the high throughput data collection marketplace and they really see how important it is to have their instrumentation systems, like the Genome Analyzer, be supported with scalable, easy to operate software platforms like FinchLab,” said Todd Smith, Ph.D., CEO of Geospiza. “Through this partnership Geospiza looks forward to further enhancing FinchLab’s Genome Analyzer integration to help our mutual customers perform cutting edge science.”

About Geospiza

Geospiza has redefined the genetic analysis software market with the only solution to help customers manage genetic analysis from sample to results™. Designed by biologists, Geospiza’s products are configured to reflect best practices and to work out-of-the-box, so that researchers can focus on their science. Used by researchers, laboratories and core facilities in universities, government, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical companies, Geospiza’s software systems have established an international reputation for usability and performance since 1997. You can find more information on Geospiza and its products at

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