Golden Helix, Inc. Unveils VarSeq 2.5.0 with Enhanced Capabilities for NGS Labs

BOZEMAN, Mont. — Golden Helix, Inc. today announced the launch of VarSeq 2.5.0 that brings forward new capabilities allowing NGS labs to improve their cancer testing and enable them to conduct carrier screening tests. This release underscores Golden Helix’s commitment to precision and efficiency in genomic analysis.

The VarSeq version 2.5.0 marks the debut of an advanced oncogenicity classifier algorithm. This functionality enables labs to advance the degree of automation in conducting cancer-specific NGS tests. It does so by significantly reducing the manual work involved in assessing an individual variant’s oncogenicity. In addition to that, Golden Helix released the Golden Helix Cancer KB version 3.0. This database contains expert-curated interpretations of biomarkers and applicable therapeutic evidence. This supports clinical experts in summarizing all pertinent findings and creating high-quality clinical reports.

VarSeq 2.5.0 now supports the carrier screening workflow from data import to clinical report. Labs are enabled to develop tests that detect pathogenic variants associated with common carrier diseases. The resulting reports include variants from both partners along with computed reproductive risks. These types of tests are very important for couples who are seeking guidance to inform family planning.

 Dr. Andreas Scherer, President and CEO of Golden Helix, says, “This latest release supports our global customer base implementing NGS testing on a large scale. The added functionalities on the cancer side are crucial for labs as they are facing an ever-increasing sample volume. We are equally excited about the newly added ability to compute reproductive risks giving families a better understanding for their genetic predispositions.”

About Golden Helix

Golden Helix has been delivering industry-leading bioinformatics solutions for over a quarter century with thousands of users worldwide. Golden Helix enables hospitals, testing labs, research institutions, and country-wide genome initiatives to conduct a wide spectrum of clinical tests and facilitate genomic research. With its solutions, Golden Helix users can harness the full potential of genomics to identify the cause of disease, gain diagnostic insights, and improve the efficacy and safety of drug treatments advancing the quest for personalized medicine.

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