Guardianâ Explosives Trace Portal Trialed at John Wayne Airport, Orange County, CA

John Wayne Airport management lauded for fostering new collaborative technology testing approach. Syagen Technology, Inc., conducted a trial deployment of its new Guardian Explosives Trace Portal system, in collaboration with the John Wayne, Orange County Airport, in California. This month long trial was conducted at an employee entrance of the Airport, where volunteer employees were screened to verify the system’s detection capability, validate it’s reliability and confirm public acceptance in airport operation. The Guardian Portal performed successfully and without interruption, confirming its readiness for market introduction. The Guardian Portal is the first commercially available explosives detection system to incorporate mass spectrometry (MS) detection technology. Designed and manufactured in Orange County, CA, It offers aviation security officials a new security tool with considerable benefits over currently deployed explosives detection technologies. The wrap-up of this trial was attended by John Wayne Airport Director, Alan Murphy, Orange County Supervisor, 3rd District, Bill Campbell and his staff, and Orange County Airport Commissioner Bruce Junor. Alan Murphy, who arranged for the trial, was lauded for the effort by Syagen Technology and other OC officials. Alan stated, “We are pleased to have been able to support these validation tests, to help facilitate the use of improved security screening technology in US Airports. John Wayne Airport has had a long history of playing a constructive role in such efforts, acting as a test-bed for new system trials.“ Bill Campbell enthusiastically endorsed these trials, adding “It’s great to see a local technology start-up company move its product from concept to a commercial reality. It is important we do all we can to foster such innovation in the local businss community.” Dr. Jack A. Syage, CEO of Syagen commented “We are grateful and enthused with the strong local support for our technology and the airport management’s willingness to assist us in the test, and deployment of this exciting product offering for suicide bomber detection and deterrence,” About Syagen Syagen Technology, Inc. is an analytical instrument company, developing mass spectrometry products and technology for high-speed molecular analysis, in a broad range of chemical analysis applications, ranging from homeland security to drug discovery. Syagen is a leader in developing innovative mass spectrometry products, including the Guardianâ explosives trace detection portal for personnel screening and the PhotoMateâ line of Atmospheric Presssure Photoionization (APPIâ) sources sold though leading OEM manufacturers of LC/MS instrumentation.

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