Hanna Instruments, Inc. Announces New Advanced Benchtop Meter Series

Smithfield, RI – Hanna Instruments, Inc. (Hanna) announces its new Advanced Benchtop Meter Series. There are three new models available with one benchtop meter for testing pH, another dedicated to Conductivity, and lastly, there is one for measuring Dissolved Oxygen.

Providing fast, accurate, and repeatable measurements, Hanna’s New Advanced Benchtop Meters are perfect for various applications and testing in many different industries. This new line of benchtops is ideal for laboratories, research and education, food manufacturing, and the industrial industry to name a few.

Users can expect an easy, intuitive, and personalized testing experience with Hanna’s New Advanced Benchtop Meters. A customizable touch screen allows users to only show the data that they need. Other top features like the Ethernet and Wi-fi connection capabilities make transferring data convenient via FTP or email.

“We are very excited to introduce our New Advanced Benchtop Meters. Improving the testing experience for our customers and the industries that they serve is at the core of everything that we do at Hanna. This new line of benchtop meters delivers reliable results, is user-friendly, and customizable,” states Kevin Stein, Vice President of Global Marketing for Hanna Instruments, Inc.

To learn more about Hanna’s New Advanced Benchtop Meter Series, please visit our website.

About Hanna Instruments, Inc. (Hanna): Hanna is the world’s largest privately held manufacturer of analytical and scientific instruments. Since 1978 Hanna has produced simple, affordable, high quality devices for laboratory, food, aquarium, agriculture, environmental, industry applications, and more. We offer a wide array of instrumentation from research grade benchtop meters and ISEs, to single and multiparameter meters for pH, DO, and more. Thousands of consumers and major brands trust Hanna for their testing needs. Hanna operates in 44 countries around the globe, ensuring exceptional levels of customer service and support. For more info, please visit hannainst.com.

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