HPNE Announces Partnership with Constant Systems for the Distribution of Cell Disruptors

High Purity New England is excited to be partnering with Constant Systems, expanding their product offerings to include three new innovative Cell Disruptors.

Smithfield, RI, USA  A leader in the biopharma industry for designing and supplying custom solutions and equipment, High Purity New England (HPNE) is thrilled to be partnering with Constant Systems for the distribution of the One Shot Cell Disrupter, the Multi Cycle Cell Disruptor, and the Continuous Flow Cell Disruptor.

Constant Systems was founded in 1989, and has built a reputation of reliability, efficacy, reproducibility, and consistency for over four decades. They are dedicated to the maintenance, design, and manufacturing of their line of high pressure cell disruption equipment. Using a combination of a proprietary hydraulic design and high pressure for cell lysis processes, Constant Systems guarantees consistency throughout your process. Their products are used across world leading research and industrial facilities, and process 99% of a sample at the target pressure.

HPNE is committed to providing the best solutions to their customers in this constantly changing and evolving industry. To support their mission, they believe it is critical to continue to expand their product offering by partnering with innovative companies like Constant Systems to introduce new technology to their current and future customers. High Purity New England will now be distributing three new products: the One Shot (OS) Cell DisruptorMulti Cycle (MC) Cell Disruptor, and Continuous Flow (CF1 & CF2) Cell Disruptors. Eliminate the need for multiple passes or processes with this line of Cell Disruptors, which feature multiple cleaning modes and a stainless steel tray to capture accidental spillage. Each Cell Disruptor accommodates a different volume range, scalable from bench-top to free standing.

Preceding this collaboration, High Purity New England announced four new partners in 2023, including Custom Sensors & TechnologyGreen Elephant BiotechFannin, and Canada Clean Room (CCR). In addition, HPNE is constantly working to expand and improve their own products like their FlowMaxx Pro Quaternary Diaphragm Pumps and flagship HPConnexx™ Single-Use Assemblies.

About HPNE

As the industry needs grow, High Purity New England, Inc. continues to supply the biopharmaceutical industry with a range of innovative products, from drug discovery and development to fill-finish, including their flagship product, custom single-use assemblies, as well as pumpssensorsbioreactor systemsstorage and handling solutions and other single-use solutions. Along with their own manufactured products for the global market, they are also a distributor for more than 18 brands in North America.


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