ibidi Product News: ibidi Releases Bovine Version of Collagen Type I for Cell Culture Applications

Munich, Germany—ibidi is now offering two versions of Collagen Type I with different origins: the new bovine and the already popular rat tail. With this addition, scientists have the option to choose a collagen that best matches their preferences and experimental needs.

The ibidi Collagens Type I can be used in a wide range of cell culture applications. They are ideal for building a 3D scaffold for organoids and spheroids, creating biological extracellular matrices (ECM) for 3D cell culture, and promoting cell attachment with a collagen coating.

The collagens offer high purity and quality, ensuring reproducible experiments. They are non-pepsinized, which means they are acid-extracted instead of pepsin-extracted, unlike other collagens. This method, plus the very mild manufacturing process, results in the preservation of the maximal nativity of the collagen.

The ibidi collagens are an essential component for in vitro cell culture studies, especially for three-dimensional cell culture, organoid culture, and tissue engineering. Both collagens are in stock and available for shipping. Researchers interested in testing them can purchase trial packs at: ibidi.com/collagen.

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