Illumina and Genpathway Announce Partnership to Provide Whole-Genome ChIP-Sequencing Services

Complete ChIP-Sequencing Services Available From Cells to Fully Analyzed Results

SAN DIEGO–Illumina, Inc. (NASDAQ:ILMN – News) and Genpathway today announced the formation of a partnership to provide researchers whole-genome chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) sequencing services. Samples are first prepared using Genpathway’s FactorPath ChIP assays, and then sequenced by the Genome Analyzer through Illumina’s Sequencing Services. Final data analysis is completed by Genpathway using their proprietary software analysis tools. Combined, the Illumina and Genpathway services provide researchers with access to a complete ChIP-sequencing solution for identifying and quantifying transcription factor binding sites across the entire genome.

Specifically, the combined services include cell or tissue processing, antibody selection and qualification, ChIP using Genpathway’s optimized procedures for greater sensitivity and specificity, ChIP DNA amplification, quality-control steps throughout the assay, Sequencing Services using Illumina’s Genome Analyzer, and complete data analysis by Genpathway. Additional information about Illumina’s Sequencing Services with Genpathway’s ChIP assays and data-analysis services can be accessed at

“We are delighted to team up with Illumina, a world leader in sequencing, to offer the most powerful and comprehensive ChIP-sequencing services available,” said Mary Harper, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer of Genpathway. “One of the top applications for sequencing is ChIP, a notoriously time-consuming and difficult procedure. Combining Genpathway’s expertise in ChIP and data-analysis services with Illumina’s high-throughput next-generation sequencing technology and services provides researchers a faster path to discovery.”

“Our goal is to deliver high-quality products and services to researchers sequencing genomes of any type or size, whether in drug discovery and development, agricultural research, or basic academic research,” said Christian Henry, Acting General Manager of Illumina’s Sequencing Business. “By combining our Sequencing Services with Genpathway’s optimized ChIP assay and analysis capabilities, we are providing researchers a complete solution for better understanding the roles transcription factor binding and gene regulation plays in disease development.”

Researchers interested in initiating a ChIP-sequencing project should contact Genpathway technical support at 858.457.3250, or visit the Genpathway website at

About ChIP Sequencing

ChIP sequencing enables researchers to study the complex interactions between proteins and nucleic acids, and to gain insight into the control and regulation of genes. By cross-linking proteins to DNA at a given moment in a cell’s life, and then capturing and sequencing the DNA, scientists can discover where specific proteins are bound to specific sites in the genome. This information helps build a picture of the complex network of interactions that govern the operation of human genes.

About Genpathway

Genpathway, Inc. ( is a leading provider of ChIP and DNA methylation assays and services that identify and analyze gene regulation by transcription factors and epigenetic changes, gene transcription, and their corresponding biological pathways. These assays, provided as a service by Genpathway, are used by pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in discovery and testing of novel pharmaceuticals, biomarkers, and diagnostic tests as well as by academic, government, and nonprofit research institutes and agricultural companies worldwide. Genpathway and FactorPath are registered trademarks or trademarks of Genpathway, Inc.

About Illumina

Illumina ( is a leading developer, manufacturer, and marketer of next-generation life-science tools and integrated systems for the large-scale analysis of genetic variation and biological function. Using our proprietary technologies, we provide a comprehensive line of products and services that currently serve the sequencing, genotyping, and gene expression markets, and we expect to enter the market for molecular diagnostics. Our customers include leading genomic research centers, pharmaceutical companies, academic institutions, clinical research organizations, and biotechnology companies. Our tools provide researchers around the world with the performance, throughput, cost effectiveness, and flexibility necessary to perform the billions of genetic tests needed to extract valuable medical information from advances in genomics and proteomics. We believe this information will enable researchers to correlate genetic variation and biological function, which will enhance drug discovery and clinical research, allow diseases to be detected earlier, and permit better choices of drugs for individual patients.

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