Illumina Introduces High-Throughput Solutions with Walkaway Automation; New AutoLoader and BeadScan Software Improve Scanning Throughput by 400% and Minimize Labor Costs

SAN DIEGO–Illumina, Inc. (NASDAQ:ILMN) announced that it has introduced the Illumina AutoLoader to stage up to 40 high-density Sentrix(R) BeadChips for scanning on a BeadStation – sufficient for 15 hours of unattended, automated operation. Combined with a new software release for BeadStation that increases scan speed, system operators can now achieve scanning throughput 400% greater than previously possible. These new offerings are available immediately and support all current and future Sentrix BeadChip configurations. Throughput calculations are based on Illumina’s latest offering, the HumanHap550 BeadChip, which contains over 12 million features. Other lower-density BeadChips such as the 16-sample BeadChip for focused (vs. whole-genome) applications will benefit from even higher levels of throughput.

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