Innov-X New Products & “Inno-Quest: The Road to Discovery” Video at Pittcon

Woburn, MA, February 20, 2007—Visitors to Innov-X’s Booths 2784–2884 at Pittcon† can watch Inno-Quest, the Road to Discovery with XRF Analysis video that showcases how portable XRF breaks through the boundaries of ordinary laboratory analysis. The program enables visitors to discover Portable XRF in action performing exciting tests that span the broadest gamut of applications: Environmental FieldTesting Mining & Discovery On-Board Fuel and Oil Analysis Quality Monitoring On-line Electronics RoHS/WEEE Screening Scrap Metal Sorting & Recycling Recovery of Precious Metals Forensic Cases At the forefront of these and many other exciting discoveries is the technology of Innov-X leading the way. Come see the live and video demonstrations of the latest innovations—Handheld XRF Analyzers, On-Board Oil Analysis, Online Processing and Quality Control, High Speed Scrap Sorting, High Power Mobile XRF Analyzers….and more. New Products for Thinking in New Directions Reduce testing time for oil analysis to minutes from days. The SEA-Mate ™ bench top XRF analyzer tests for on-board/on-station compliance with Marpol Annex VI and Sulphur Emission Control Area regulations for measuring a vessel’s operational fuels, lubes and additives. A joint venture of AP Moller-Maersk and Innov-X, it also tests for predictive failures by analyzing wear metals. It’s ideal for shipboard and land-based high power operations using diesel engines. Check materials and quality directly on-line in real-time using the Innov-X Systems Automated Process On-line Analyzer System. Using a small XRF probe that mates to an electronics package and a PC, it is designed to integrate into virtually any process monitoring and process control system for elemental analysis or to verify alloy grade and chemistry. The system provides automated, on-line control to provide 24/7 operation that enhances productivity. Applications range from tube and pipe manufacturing to quality control of fluid and slurry streams in petrochemical, mining and plating industries. Detect challenging elements at significantly lower detection levels, using the high power mobile capabilities of the new X50 MobilLab ™ unit. It enables analysis of Cd, Sn, Ba, precious metals, and rare earths. Its greater sensitivity results from higher power levels of 50X typical handheld units, and opens up many challenging applications that formerly required full-sized laboratory instrumentation. It is well suited for field inspection stations and production lines, particularly for large samples of materials and parts, where one cannot wait days or weeks for lab analysis results. Need a Portable XRF to Check Light Elements? Innov-X Systems introduces the Innov-X Alpha LZX featuring true mobile vacuum technology. With patent-pending vacuum technology, the same ultra portable XRF analyzer is now able to measure Mg, Al, Si and 25+ other elements simultaneously in alloys, powders, ores, liquids and more! There are no Helium gas or compressed tanks to carry and no vacuum pumps to wear or attach. Available as new analyzers or as an upgrade, this is the most capable, most convenient and most flexible handheld XRF design ever! Use handheld XRF Innov-X analyzers in demanding testing applications from metals for positive material identification (PMI) to environmental pollutants including lead, cadmium, mercury, bromine, arsenic, and others. The x-ray tube design of the “Alpha Series” provides on-the-spot, fast and precise elemental analysis from phosphorus to uranium. Innov-X’s breakthrough design uses an x-ray tube in a compact, ergonomically designed handheld unit with a PDA for unprecedented flexibility in a portable analyzer. A rear-facing display makes the units easy to read, supplementing the color I-Paq ® screen. They provide test solutions for RoHS screening of electronics, scrap identification and sorting, forensic analysis, petrochemicals and catalysts, energy, welding, PMI, manufacturing, environmental, and a host of NDT applications on solids, liquids, coatings and powders. The I-Paq ® PDA runs with up to 25-element software suites using fundamental parameters, spectral matching and/or empirically generated calibrations. Easy upgrades will “future-proof” the unit as well as cutting edge technology that defies obsolescence. Take small-spot XRF analysis to a higher level with the new range of Hawk-I™ Micro X-ray Fluorescence Analyzers that deliver fast and precise identification and elemental analysis from Chlorine to Uranium (Cl to U). Using a collimated beam of 13mm to 0.2 mm diameter, with laser beam focusing, the Hawk-I ™ system is ideal for testing small or nonhomogeneous samples. Applications range from analysis of RoHS compliance for electronics, PCB and component studies to precious metals, bronzes and alloys. The Hawk-I™ can perform fully standardless quantitative analysis with excellent statistical accuracy. The movable X-Y stage affords precise measurements across samples. The sensitive color CCD camera enables digital snapshots with magnification of up to 68X, and combined with the laser spot tool, it enables digital pictures to be conveniently analyzed and stored. Hawk-I™ includes a large testing chamber, X-ray tube source and Si PiN-Diode detector interfaced to a PC. Bring your questions to Pittcon—our experts will help provide the answers! And, while you’re there, stop by for a chance to win Guitar Hero II™ by Playstation®. Who says you can’t rock at work? More information can be accessed at: Product photos may be downloaded at † Pittcon 2007- Pittsburgh Conference on Analytical Chemistry and Applied Spectroscopy, Feb. 26—Mar. 1, 2007, McCormick Place, Chicago, IL USA. More info: About Innov-X Systems Innov-X Systems is a vital new force in the x-ray fluorescence (XRF) industry. Their systems perform fast, accurate chemical analysis in seconds to identify, differentiate and quantify most materials by elemental composition. Founded in 2001, they pioneered handheld XRF instrumentation using a miniature x-ray tube rather than radioactive isotopes. With R&D and manufacturing facilities in the U.S., Innov-X has offices in Europe (the Netherlands), and Asia (Hong Kong). They maintain sales and service alliances in Canada, the Middle East, Latin America and worldwide. Service, installation and training is available in over 100 countries. More company information is available at ############################################################################ Contacts: 781-938-5005 Suzanne Moler, Sales Manager- North America Email:[email protected] Advertising/Media Contact: Carrie-Ann Doucette, Marketing Specialist Adv & Media E-mail: [email protected] Public Relations Contact: Jim Martin Email:[email protected] Innov-X Systems, Inc. 100 Sylvan Road, Suite 100 Woburn, MA 01801 Toll Free: 866.4.Innov-X or 781.938.5005 Email: [email protected]

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