The ARE/AREX Series is a reference for many laboratories worldwide that have appreciated VELP reliability and performance since 1983. With the new ARE/AREX 5, we have re-designed our masterpiece to guarantee enhanced heating and stirring performance and maximum safety.

Continuous product development and attention to all laboratory requirements

Continuous product development and attention to all laboratory requirements
Innovation and constant product enhancement are key drivers for VELP. For this reason, we are extremely proud to turn 40 being recognized worldwide as a designer and manufacturer of multiple laboratory solutions intended to meet different needs and requirements.

In the past years, our ARE/AREX hotplate stirrers have become a reference product both for VELP and our customers: it converted as a best-seller worldwide as well as a standard for reliability and durability.

To follow our mission to continuously improve our products, the new ARE/AREX 5 hotplate stirrers have been re-designed to provide improved performance and safety.

A new design for unmatched reliability and safety

The new ARE/AREX 5 Series has been designed to offer a highly compact and low-profile design for outstanding comfort over the bench and inside the laboratory hood.

The internal electronic parts are guarded by the insulating disk, which, together with the robust die-cast aluminum housing, enables the ARE/AREX 5 Series to withstand even the most demanding laboratory environments and applications, such as when working with cold media (below 0°C).

The new easy-accessible control panel and its inclination has been carefully studied to optimize the user experience for all the lab operators and to offer great visibility and ease of use. In addition, as the control panel has been positioned at a safe distance from sources of heat, we can guarantee advanced protection against possible damage caused by liquid spills.

Complete safety is ensured by the addition also on analog models of indicators informing the operator when the heating is on and the temperature of the plate is above 50°C (even if the instrument is switched off). Safety circuits and over-temperature protection protect the users in their daily operations.

Our heating magnetic stirrers are designed for the most extended lifespan and are guaranteed by a 3-year warranty (online product registration required).

A brushless motor for enhanced stirring performance

You can now rely on the robust Hotplate Stirrers of the VELP Series 5 and its powerful brushless motor for all your laboratory applications and reactions like sample and buffer solutions preparation.

VELP Series 5 incorporates a gentle and precise stirring speed (up to 1500 rpm).

All the Hotplate Stirrers are equipped with VELP-engineered SpeedServo™ torque compensation technology that ensures constant speed even when the viscosity of the medium changes.

Consistent heating performance for all lab applications

The plate of the ARE/AREX 5 Series has been completely re-designed to ensure a great temperature homogeneity and optimum heat transfer across the entire surface as well as to reduce energy consumption (-18% compared to the previous models) and enhanced protection from chemicals and scratches.

The user can choose between a 135 mm diameter CerAlTopTM (ceramic-coated aluminum alloy) plate available on the AREX 5 and AREX 5 Digital models and a 135 mm diameter aluminum alloy plate available on the ARE 5 and RC 5.

By turning the left knob, it is possible to easily adjust the temperature setting from room temperature up to 310 °C.

In addition, when the thermoregulation of the liquid is required, it is possible to connect the AREX 5 with the VTF or the AREX 5 Digital with the VTFPt100 and the new Pt1000.

Discover all the models of the new ARE/AREX 5 Series of heating magnetic stirrers and hotplates

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