Invitrogen, Procter & Gamble Extend Research Agreement; Successful RNAi Research Service Agreement Continues with Two Year Extension

CARLSBAD, Calif.–Invitrogen Corporation (Nasdaq:IVGN), a leading life sciences company, today announced the extension of an RNAi research service agreement with Procter & Gamble Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (P&GP), a division of The Procter & Gamble Company (NYSE:PG). The research service agreement is now in its fourth year and will continue through December 2006.

Through use of Invitrogen’s RNAi expertise and proprietary technologies, the research service collaboration facilitates P&GP’s target identification and validation programs. Since the inception of the service agreement, Invitrogen has continually broadened the research collaboration through the use of a variety of proprietary technologies including Stealth(TM) RNAi, Gateway(R) and lentiviral vectors.

“The success and extension of this research service agreement is a testament to the value that Invitrogen’s services have brought to P&GP’s target identification and validation programs,” said Gregory T. Lucier, Chairman and CEO of Invitrogen. “As Invitrogen continues to grow and expand our research technology and service portfolio, partnerships like this will allow us to significantly impact vital work in disease research and ultimately enhance more lives.”

“Invitrogen’s suite of RNAi technologies help to make our drug discovery research more efficient, and increase our understanding of disease mechanisms,” said Ray Takigiku, PhD, Director of Core Technologies, Procter and Gamble Pharmaceuticals.

RNAi has emerged as a powerful tool for silencing gene expression. Invitrogen’s RNAi custom services help optimize factors critical to RNAi research success. Utilizing its Block-iT(TM) RNAi technologies in combination with a broad portfolio of services, including novel cloning and expression technologies, cell based assays, engineered cell lines and other molecular and cellular biological methods, Invitrogen is uniquely positioned to accelerate discovery research, target identification and functional analysis. Invitrogen’s custom services group has expertise in many therapeutic areas, including osteoporosis, cancer, inflammation, cardiovascular disease and metabolic diseases.

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