Journal of AOAC International Publication: AOAC RI PTM Certification of the GlutenTox® ELISA Rapid G12 Kit

The GlutenTox® ELISA Rapid G12 test kit offers a systematic method for evaluating gluten content from wheat, barley and rye in food samples. Its precision and reliability have earned it the AOAC RI Performance Tested MethodsSM certification. The kit aligned with AOAC’s exacting standards, confirming its capability to accurately detect and quantify wheat gluten in a variety of food matrices. Consistent and trustworthy results were observed for wheat gluten, with the kit also displaying reliability for barley and rye tests.

Congratulations to Carlos Galera, QA/QC Director; Claudia Salagre, Scientific Product and Tech Support Scientist; and Ana López, Quality Control Technician.

The published article will also appear in the October issue of AOAC’s Inside Laboratory Management (ILM) magazine.

The GlutenTox ELISA Rapid G12 Kit provides the following:

  • Reliability: With the AOAC certification and the publication’s recognition, you can be assured of our gluten measurement’s credibility.
  • Efficiency: Designed for swift results, the kit aids in efficient product validations.
  • Usability: The kit’s components, many of which are ready-to-use, streamline the testing process.

Recently, Carlos and Ana had the opportunity to present a poster at the Food Allergy Forum on the GlutenTox ELISA Rapid G12 method. The Poster can be downloaded and is in our Document Library.

Their poster focused on quantifying gluten in barley and rye flours, which can be overestimated using other methods such as the R5 antibody-based ELISA assays. The GlutenTox kit detected accurate levels making it fit-for-purpose and suggesting R5-based assays may be non-fit-for-purpose as they produce inaccurate results.


To view and download the full-length publication, please visit:  Journal of AOAC INTERNATIONAL or download it from our Product Library.

For more information on the assay, please see the GlutenTox ELISA Rapid G12 Kit product page.


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