KromaTiD Launches directional Genomic Hybridization (dGH) in-Site™ DNA Probes, Expanding Access for Cell and Gene Therapy Research Programs

LONGMONT, Colo. – KromaTiD, a single-cell analysis life science tools company focused on the research, development and commercialization of products for the cell and gene therapy market, announced today the launch of over 300 centromere, telomere and gene probes for use in directional Genomic Hybridization (dGH) in-Site™ assays.

KromaTiD dGH™ products and services are widely used to assess genomic structural variation and gene-editing outcomes that cannot be identified using next generation sequencing (NGS) or fluorescence in-situ hybridization (FISH). Making these dGH in-Site™ probes commercially available enables research institutes and core labs as well as biopharma and pharmaceutical companies to economically design and execute dGH in-Site™ assays in-house.

“The key difference between dGH™ and other in-situ hybridization (ISH) methods is the outcome: dGH ™provides a much deeper data set than any other genomic ISH technique,” explains KromaTiD Chief Technology Officer, Christopher Tompkins. “Only by integrating dGH™ single-cell, structural variant information with methods like ddPCR and NGS, can investigators get the most comprehensive picture of editing outcomes, transgene insertions, genotoxicity and genomic instability. This is extremely valuable at all stages of a cell and gene therapy program, from research to preclinical to IND filing to QC testing of drug product.”

“The launch of the dGH in-Site™ centromere and telomere probe catalog enables investigators and cytogenetic cores in the academic sector to bring these powerful, cutting-edge assays in-house in a cost-effective manner,” says Chief Marketing Officer, Clare Rogers.

Chief Commercial Officer Jason Priar continues, “In addition to launching dozens of dGH in-Site subcentromere and subtelomere probes, available in multiple fluorophore conjugate options, we have launched new gene probes for use individually or as add-ins to the dGH in-Site™ CAR-T TRAC and B2M Kit. These include probes for PDCD1, CIITA and a CD19 mock gene insert. KromaTiD also provides custom dGH probe design for any target in the genome including probes for single-cell mapping of non-genomic CAR transgenes”

Using KromaTiD’s catalog of dGH in-Site™ probes involves protocols and equipment familiar to any lab running standard FISH assays. The release of these new probes expands KromaTiD’s efforts to democratize the methods and reagents used in its successful services business.

Learn more about the high-value data dGH analysis provides.

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KromaTiD supports research teams in academia, large pharmaceutical, and therapeutic companies with expert scientific support and unparalleled genomics tools and services. We are your partner for biomarker discovery, genotoxicity studies, clone screening assessment of editing-associated errors, and plasmid manufacturing.

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