L7 Informatics Supports Cancer Research at Dana Farber Cancer Institute with L7|ESP™

L7|ESP™ streamlines operations and facilitates a seamless flow of information.

AUSTIN, Texas — L7 Informatics, provider of the leading unified platform for integrated data and workflow solutions for the life sciences industry, announces the implementation of their flagship product, L7|ESP software, at the Connell and O’Reilly Families Cell Manipulation Core Facility (CMCF) of the prestigious Dana-Farber Cancer Institute (DFCI). Dr. Jerome Ritz, a renowned cancer research pioneer and Executive Director of CMCF, spearheaded the adoption of L7|ESP to enhance the manufacturing of cellular therapy products and improve patient outcomes.

As an expert in cellular therapy and a pioneer in stem cell transplantation, Dr. Ritz leads the CMCF team that manufactures innovative cell-based therapies for cancer patients enrolled in novel therapeutic clinical research protocols. Additionally, Dr. Ritz’s laboratory supports clinical research studies aimed at evaluating the safety and efficacy of these groundbreaking treatments.

At the March L7|LIVE event in Boston, Dr. Ritz shared his firsthand experiences with L7|ESP, shedding light on how the project will improve processes and accelerate the discovery of new treatments. “We have many computer systems that do not talk to each other with a lot of paper in between each of these different systems.” Dr. Ritz mentioned. “We looked for a system for two years and selected L7 for several advantages.”

The implementation of L7|ESP software will revolutionize CMCF’s electronic manufacturing system, eliminating the burdensome use of 200–400-page batch records for each product. By unifying data, processes, and business applications across research, process development, quality control, manufacturing, and quality review, L7|ESP will streamline operations and facilitate the seamless flow of information within the facility while meeting stringent regulatory standards. This transformation is particularly significant, as many health systems struggle with paper-based batch records and have been actively seeking solutions for their digital transformation initiatives. L7|ESP’s GXP-enabled software platform for Health Systems emerged as the ideal choice for DFCI and other leading organizations due to its unique combination of features.

L7 Informatics President and CEO Dr. Vasu Rangadass commented on the milestone, stating, “With the robust power and flexibility of L7|ESP, our vision and goal is to take these precision medicine principles and make life easier and healthier, ultimately taking several billion dollars of waste out of our healthcare ecosystem in the process.” L7 Informatics remains committed to advancing precision medicine and transforming the healthcare industry through its innovative solutions.

About L7 Informatics:
L7 Informatics reimagines data intelligence for modern life sciences and healthcare organizations, optimizing the flow of information between processes and people, and unlocking innovation at every stage of the clinical, research, and manufacturing value chains. Our comprehensive operating environment and software stack bring flexible, secure, and collaborative data+intelligence to life sciences organizations. Our end-to-end transformation engine helps solve today’s challenges and realize tomorrow’s opportunities.

For more information, please visit www.l7informatics.com.

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