Laser Combiner Also Offers Affordable Upgrade Path for Reduced Long-Term Cost of Ownership

Agilent Technologies Inc., (NYSE: A) a leader in precision optics, today announced the availability of a Multi-wavelength Laser Combiner for microscopy applications. Developed to work with laser-based tools in the rapidly expanding microscopy market, the laser combiner is ideal for applications including epifluorescence, laser scanning confocal and flow cytometry. The new combiner provides 19 wavelength options that can be used in three-channel to eight-channel configurations. As research needs change, new laser wavelength channels can be added, or laser lines can be changed within channel.

“The Agilent Multi-wavelength Laser Combiner offers researchers flexibility not currently available for microscopy platforms,” said Bill Volk, Agilent general manager, Nano Positioning Metrology Division. “Existing combiners lock users into a fixed set of wavelengths, which limits flexibility. Users are forced to rework their systems to support new wavelength requirements. Our design allows users to upgrade their system and easily add new wavelength options as their application needs change.”

The Multi-wavelength Laser Combiner gives new options to a wide variety of OEM and end-user applications for fluorescence microscopy including FRET, TIRF, FLIM, FRAP and FISH. It is based on Agilent’s complex monolithic optic (CMO) design, which incorporates many individual optical components into one monolithic structure. CMO architectures provide a highly flexible platform and are customizable to meet specific system requirements. This is the first implementation of a CMO design for microscopy applications.

The CMO design also offers superior alignment throughout a product’s lifetime because the optics are bonded into a single pre-aligned optical structure. As a result, they do not drift out of alignment due to vibration or fluctuations in ambient temperature. This is a key factor in maintaining stable light. In addition, fewer exposed optical surfaces decrease environmental contamination, reducing cleaning and maintenance time.

Agilent will showcase a three-channel prototype of the Multi-wavelength Laser Combiner in Booth 2310 at the Conference on Lasers and Electro Optics (CLEO), May 6-8, at the San Jose (Calif.) Convention Center.

About Agilent Precision Optics

For more than 35 years, Agilent and its predecessor Hewlett Packard have developed and manufactured optical components and complex monolithic assemblies for market-leading laser interferometry and nanomeasurement systems. Agilent combines experienced craftsmanship with deterministic manufacturing process control for volume production. The company serves aerospace/defense, bioinstrumentation and commercial markets with advanced metrology and design, plus fabrication and thin-film coatings in a vertically integrated factory.

More information about Agilent optics is available at, by sending an e-mail inquiry to [email protected], or by calling +408 553 7833 (North America) or +31 20 547 2160 (Europe).

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