Launch of 2.1µm Fortis Phenyl for UHPLC

Fortis Technologies has today announced the launch of a new bonding phase based upon its 2.1um particles for use in Ultra High Pressure Liquid Chromatography (UHPLC), allowing efficiency of small particles to be combined with selectivity for more power in the separation process. 2.1µm Fortis Phenyl, is built upon an alkyl chain-diphenyl functionality allowing for multiple mechanisms of interaction to occur.

Steric, hydrophobic and pi-pi interactions are all possible with this stationary phase chemistry, allowing the analyst optimum resolution with no need for complex mobile phase systems. Even under generic gradient conditions alternate selectivity and resolution is provided in contrast to that of alkyl chain C18 and C8s. Complex separations such as positional isomers and metabolite profiling are all possible using 2.1 µm Fortis Phenyl. Stability in MS has been proven, with no MS bleed reported. Allowing the analyst confidence in the sensitivity and baselines achieved.

The company’s innovative bonding technology now allows the analyst the ability to separate complex mixtures by selectivity as well as efficiency in UHPLC. 2.1 µm Fortis Phenyl, C18 and C8 are all fully scalable to 3 and 5um particles for those wishing to have full method development flexibility.

Fortis Technologies Limited offers a range of innovative column solutions along with extensive technical support and applications for the separation scientist.

Fortis Technologies offers exceptional performance throughout its range combined with excellent customer service and value.

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