MANTECH is pleased to announce the official release of the new T10 Turbidity Meter!

t10 turbidity meter

T10 Turbidity Meter – Standalone

The T10 meter is fully compatible with all current MANTECH systems, able to be easily implemented as a manual or automated turbidity solution for measuring NTU/FNU results alongside other parameters such as pH, Conductivity, or Alkalinity. Alternatively, the T10 meter can be used for a series of field analyses, then results can be uploaded to a PC or LIMS system.

Features of the T10 Turbidity Meter include:

  • Improved calibration and analysis speed
  • Sleek design with IP-67 splash resistant casing
  • Portable option through use of x4 AA batteries
  • Adjustable measurement options
  • User-friendly digital interface
  • USB power and data transfer

T10 action shot

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