MedGenome achieves 10x Genomics Certified Service provider qualification for single cell sequencing

FOSTER CITY, Calif. — MedGenome, a global precision medicine company specializing in omics solutions, announced today that it has achieved the 10x Genomics Certified Service Provider qualification for its single cell offering.

This certification further illustrates MedGenome’s commitment to delivering fast, high-quality insights at single cell level to help solve the most challenging research problems. Combining MedGenome’s expertise in single cell data analysis promises to deliver groundbreaking insights into complex and rare diseases.

Single-cell analysis is widely used in both basic and translational research. As the understanding of the genetic basis of diseases continues to expand, so does the demand for genomic solutions that deliver high efficiency without compromising on quality. MedGenome partners with biopharmaceutical and SMID biotech companies to get drugs to market faster and more cost-effectively with high-throughput, customizable NGS workflows. The 10x Genomics certification highlights MedGenome’s expertise in offering single-cell sequencing tools to help researchers accelerate their genomic studies.

With over 10 million single cells sequenced, MedGenome has demonstrated experience and expertise in the field. The company offers unique omics solutions for complex biological questions as well as advanced tools and assays for biopharma and drug development, such as single-B-cell-sequencing guided antibody discovery.

MedGenome is positioned as the top genomics research service provider in the San Francisco Bay Area. With its state-of-the-art sequencing facility, featuring the 10x Chromium Controller, it can deliver the highest-quality NGS data with quick turnaround times using highly optimized protocols. Combined with its expansive team of scientific and bioinformatics experts, the company offers 3′ and 5′ gene expression profiling, tumor heterogeneity analysis, cancer immune cell profiling, CRISPR screening, single B-cell antibody and T-cell TCR discovery, single cell fixed RNA profiling, VDJ sequencing (TCR/BCR), ATAC seq and multiome (ATAC + gene expression) services. MedGenome continues to consolidate its capabilities as it strives to remain a trusted partner to scientists worldwide.

About MedGenome:

MedGenome is a genomics-driven research and diagnostics company devoted to improving global health by decoding the genetic information contained in an individual’s genome. As a global partner for comprehensive multiomics solutions, MedGenome helps advance precision medicine that can reduce healthcare disparities and improve patient outcomes. The company’s unique access to the world’s most diverse genomic database and deep scientific expertise enables researchers to accelerate their research, find cost efficiencies, and bring drugs to market faster. MedGenome is backed by a global investor base spanning EuropeAsia, and Africa, including support from Novo Holdings, one of the world’s leading life sciences investors. MedGenome has global presence with operations in the US, IndiaSingaporeMiddle East and Africa. MedGenome’s high-throughput sequencing lab in the US is in Foster City, California. To learn more, follow them on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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