Meet the new scale-X™ carbo, now available ready-to-use and with improved functionalities – Univercells Technologies

The scale-X™ carbo bioreactor offer a new standard in upstream performance, with design and functional improvements that simplify bioprocessing and secure batch safety

What’s new?

  • Ready-to-use
    The bioreactor is now supplied gamma-irradiated and ready-to-use with its single-use probes. Autoclaving no longer required.
  • Elevated performances
    Improved fluidic design gives high media circulation performance even at lower agitation speeds that easily meets the kLa target within the operating range of the bioreactor.
  • Simplified bioprocessing steps
    New draining mechanism increases ease of fill & empty operations thereby drastically simplifying bioprocessing steps for infection, transfection or product harvest.
  • 2 sizes, 2 configurations: Secure your batch
    The new range is available in 10 and 30 m² version, for both research & development and clinical & commercial production applications, with dedicated bioreactors and tubing manifolds for each use. The new scale-X carbo for clinical and production use features back-up pH and DO sensors, further increasing batch safety.

New approach in intermediate-scale benchtop production

The scale-X carbo system is a bench-scale automated cell culture system for expression and concentration of biological drug substances. It is suited for rapid process development and cost-effective clinical or commercial production, offering 10 to 30 m² of growth surface.

This intermediate-scale bioreactor fills the gap between R&D, clinical and commercial production, offering higher cell densities, simplified bioprocessing, and more advanced process development in its low footprint and scalable processing platform.

High cell density and homogeneity, productivity and recovery


Supplied-gamma irradiated

Dedicated product designs

R&D use

GMP clinical & commercial production use

Offering a broad range of solutions from discovery to commercial stage

The scale-X family is a low footprint, reliable, scalable fixed-bed system from research (2.4 m2 of growth surface) to clinical (10 and 30 m2) and manufacturing-scale (200 and 600 m2). It is designed to facilitate a smooth transition from initial process development to commercial production under GMP conditions.

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