MiLaboratories and Miltenyi Biotec Announce Strategic Partnership to Advance Next Generation Therapies

SAN FRANCISCO — MiLaboratories, a leader in RNA immune technologies, and Miltenyi Biotec, a global pioneer in biotechnology, are excited to announce a landmark partnership that promises to revolutionize the field of next-generation therapies. This collaboration combines MiLaboratories’ cutting-edge RNA kit technology for immune sequencing with Miltenyi Biotec’s robust production and commercialization capabilities.

Under this agreement, MiLaboratories will grant exclusive rights to its innovative RNA kits immune sequencing technology to Miltenyi Biotec. This technology has been instrumental in advancing research and development in the field of immunology and personalized medicine. Miltenyi Biotec will leverage its global reach and expertise in biotechnology to produce and commercialize these kits, making them widely available to researchers and clinicians worldwide.

A cornerstone of this partnership is the integration of MiLaboratories’ renowned software solutions, MiXCR and Platforma, into Miltenyi Biotec’s offerings. These software platforms are leaders in next-generation sequencing (NGS) data analysis, providing powerful, user-friendly tools for genomic data interpretation. Customers purchasing RNA kits from Miltenyi Biotec will now benefit from seamless access to MiXCR and Platforma, enhancing their research capabilities and efficiency.

“This partnership is a significant milestone in our mission to accelerate the development of next-generation therapies,” said Stan Poslavsky, CEO of MiLaboratories. “By combining our innovative RNA technologies and software platforms with Miltenyi Biotec’s manufacturing and commercial strengths, we are poised to make a substantial impact in the field of genomics and personalized medicine.”

Jürgen Schmitz, Managing Director at Miltenyi Biotec, added, “We are thrilled to partner with MiLaboratories, a company that shares our commitment to advancing human health. Their RNA kits technology for immune sequencing complements our molecular analysis product portfolio perfectly. Moreover, their software solutions will offer our customers unparalleled support in data analysis. Together, we are building the future for next-generation therapies.”

This partnership is expected to accelerate the pace of discovery and development in the field of genomics, offering researchers and clinicians new tools to explore the complexities of genetic information and foster the development of innovative therapies.

About MiLaboratories

MiLaboratories is a leading developer of RNA kit technologies and software solutions for NGS data analysis. With a focus on innovation and precision, MiLaboratories’ products are at the forefront of genomics research and personalized medicine.

About Miltenyi Biotec

Miltenyi Biotec is a global leader empowering biomedical research and advancing cellular therapy. The company’s solutions support all stages of cell and gene therapy product development from process and analytical development to commercial-scale manufacturing. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, Miltenyi Biotec is dedicated to helping researchers and clinicians around the world make a greater impact on science and health.

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