MOBILion Unveils Cutting-Edge Innovations For MOBIE® System and Showcases Pioneering Separations Science Advancements at ASMS 2024

New product features and key presentations highlight transformative work using the MOBIE® system

CHADDS FORD, Pa. — MOBILion Systems, Inc., pioneers in separation science, today announced it will unveil MOBIE EyeOn 2.3 Software which enables a set of cutting-edge new features for its MOBIE® system, and present a variety of pioneering application workflows at the 72nd American Society for Mass Spectrometry (ASMS) Conference being held June 2-6 in Anaheim, Calif. MOBIE EyeOn 2.3 is the latest software release for the MOBIE® system, introducing new capabilities and streamlining workflows that enable deeper analytical insights across a wide range of applications. In addition, MOBILion and its customers will present research that highlights their transformative work using the MOBIE platform.

Spotlighting the Diverse Applications Supported on the MOBIE Platform

MOBILion and its customers will feature the MOBIE platform and how it enhances analytical capabilities across diverse applications spanning drug development, clinical diagnostics, metabolic research, and environmental science. Collectively, these innovations demonstrate how MOBILion technology is contributing to the evolution of mass spectrometry and separation science.

Select presentations will highlight how customers are using the MOBIE system to tackle tough analytical challenges such as forensic PFAS analysis for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), cyclic peptide therapeutic soft-spot analysis for Merck and Co., and analysis of enantiomeric small molecule drug compounds critical for pharmaceutical development for Genentech. Each example will highlight how the MOBIE system’s high speed, resolving power, and wide mobility range uniquely solve critical problems for these customers that LC-MS alone cannot.

“At ASMS, we are showcasing how MOBILion continues to revolutionize separation science into a user-friendly, robust platform enabling significant discoveries,” said Melissa Sherman, Ph.D., CEO of MOBILion Systems. “Our technology is pivotal in tackling critical challenges like detecting PFAS and advancing drug development. Our continued investment in the MOBIE platform is broadening our core applications and the value we deliver. We are excited for our customers to demonstrate the variety of problems that they have been able to solve with MOBIE.”

New Features Boost Speed, Sensitivity and Separation Performance for the MOBIE® Platform

MOBIE EyeOn 2.3 Control and Acquisition Software is MOBILion’s new software release for the MOBIE platform. It introduces new separation modes that increase sensitivity and separation performance, which enables easier method development and deeper characterization of complex samples. MOBIE EyeOn 2.3 also releases improvements to the data acquisition and processing algorithms that dramatically reduce the time it takes to go from acquisition to answer, compared to previous versions. These improvements are all implemented without requiring changes to the MOBIE hardware. MOBIE EyeOn 2.3 will ship installed with new MOBIE systems and be available as an upgrade so that the improved instrument performance and analysis speed can be enabled on existing customers’ instruments through a software update.

MOBILion’s first untargeted Lipidomics workflow will be displayed using a new release of Molecular Discovery’s Lipostar software. This is the first data analysis tool capable of fully leveraging the MOBIE system’s Mobility Aligned Fragmentation (MAF) functionality for automated analysis and identification of lipids using CCS and MS2. The complete workflow will allow researchers to quickly and easily analyze the feature rich lipid datasets that can be generated by the MOBIE platform.

Dr. Sherman continued, “The unprecedented separation power of our MOBIE product is allowing our customers to make more accurate analytical measurements and achieve deeper characterization across a diverse range of applications. We are honored to spotlight their impactful work at ASMS 2024. Our team is eager to engage with researchers at the conference and discuss how the MOBIE system can support their visions, accelerate scientific discovery, and continue to drive value for their workflows.”

Connect with MOBILion at ASMS 2024

Join MOBILion at the ASMS 2024 Conference and explore the future of separation science. Don’t miss these exciting opportunities:

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