NanoTemper Technologies Unveils Biotinylated Target Labeling Kit, Empowering Scientists in Pharma Industry to Tackle Challenging Drug Targets

  • The new Biotinylated Target Labeling Kit enables researchers to use their already biotinylated targets for solution-based binding assays
  • Cutting-edge Spectral Shift technology combined with the Biotinylated Target Labeling Kit opens up analysis of challenging interactions

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. — NanoTemper Technologies, creator of biophysical tools for drug discovery, today, proudly announced the launch of their highly anticipated Biotinylated Target Labeling Kit, expanding the molecular interaction analysis toolkit for scientists working with complex or undruggable targets, filling a vital gap in screening and hit validation workflows in the pharma industry.

This new kit combined with NanoTemper’s exclusive Spectral Shift technology is the preferred orthogonal method for scientists utilizing surface plasmon resonance (SPR), who predominantly use biotinylated proteins for affinity screening or binding affinity assays. “Now, direct comparison of binding affinities from an immobilized method to the in-solution, immobilization-free technique of Spectral Shift is possible,” says Regina Borovac, Consumables Product Manager at NanoTemper Technologies. “And, not only that, it enables those who already use Spectral Shift to analyze a broader range of interactions, tackling even more projects involving complex targets.”

Spectral Shift is a growing power in molecular affinity measurements

Because of Spectral Shift’s early success in removing roadblocks for scientists who have found difficulty finding candidates for their complex targets, NanoTemper is continuing to invest in creating products that empower scientists to do more with Spectral Shift technology.

“We’ve put Spectral Shift technology into Dianthus, our affinity screening instrumentation, and Monolith X, our instrumentation for molecular interactions, and they’ve now become a necessity for anyone tackling challenging disease targets,” comments Jocelyn Davé, Chief Product Officer at NanoTemper Technologies. “When it comes to addressing difficult and undruggable targets, there is no other company with the ability to outperform SPR in this category.”

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About NanoTemper Technologies

Our mission at NanoTemper Technologies is to create biophysical tools for scientists in drug discovery and development who need to tackle challenging characterizations. Working with scientists striving to make a difference in the world gets us excited. If you’re facing challenges with affinity screening, molecular interactions, or protein stability, let’s talk.

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