NETZSCH Acquisition Abandoned

Selb, Germany 8/5/03—NETZSCH Group disclosed that its merger with Colfax Corporation announced earlier this year

(see IBO 4/30/03) has been terminated because Colfax was “not able to observe the parameters of the acquisition financing,”

although the German Federal Cartel Office recently approved the merger. Consequently, NETZSCH Group will

continue to operate independently. “We regret this news because we had envisioned attractive synergies in a combined

NETZSCH-Colfax Group. The NETZSCH Group will certainly also remain on its consistently successful course as an

independent entity,” said Thomas Netzsch, managing partner of the NETZSCH Group The company reported that order

entry for the company for the fiscal year ended July 1, 2003 rose 5% year over year and that order backlog increased 10%.

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