Growing CRISPR genome editing portfolio supports researchers on path to future therapeutic applications

CARLSBAD, Calif. — For research applications requiring highly precise genome editing, including engineering CAR T cells and creating cellular models for disease discovery, the Invitrogen TrueCut HiFi Cas9 Protein* significantly minimizes off-target events while retaining maximum on-target editing efficiency. Thermo Fisher Scientific introduced the new protein to complement its growing portfolio of CRISPR genome editing solutions.

CRISPR genome editing is inherently messy, often resulting in edits in unintended locations. Limiting off-target effects is critical for applications such as translational research, drug screening and drug modeling as researchers look down the road to future therapeutic development. The Invitrogen TrueCut HiFi Cas9 Protein demonstrates near complete elimination of off-target effects compared to wild-type Cas9 in several cell types, including T cells and induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs), and demonstrates improved off-target profiles relative to other products on the market.

“Our pharma and biotech customers are looking for highly precise, accurate solutions to harness the power of CRISPR genome editing,” said Brandon Pence, vice president and general manager of cell biology at Thermo Fisher Scientific. “Nothing is more disappointing than to find out months after an edit that the biological response you are measuring was due to an unintended off-target edit. The new Invitrogen TrueCut HiFi Cas9 Protein offers researchers the confidence that their edits took place where they intended, not somewhere else in the genome.”

Thermo Fisher’s growing portfolio of genome editing tools also includes the recently redesigned Invitrogen TrueDesign Genome Editor, a free online tool to help scientists easily design their genome editing experiments. The software’s predictive algorithm scores each guide RNA, giving scientists the insights they need to select the right materials to limit off-target effects and perform a successful edit. The Invitrogen TrueDesign Genome Editor supports experiment types including gene knockouts, fluorescent tagging, insertions, deletions, SNP edits and replacements.

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*For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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