New Product Announcement: GE Healthcare introduces PreDictor™ 96-well plates and HiScreen™ prepacked columns to improve process development efficiency

GE Healthcare has launched a new range of PreDictor™ 96-well plates and HiScreen™ prepacked columns to enable high-throughput process development and method optimization. The new products can be used independently, or as consecutive steps in a workflow to screen and optimize chromatographic conditions for bioseparations, thereby improving the efficiency of process development.

PreDictor 96-well plates support high-throughput process development (HTPD) by allowing parallel screening of chromatographic conditions manually or in an automated workflow. The plates, which are prefilled with GE Healthcare BioProcess™ media, enable fast and efficient evaluation of up to 96 chromatography conditions for binding, wash or elution with minimal sample and buffer consumption. Data generated using PreDictor plates show good correlation with data obtained by column chromatography.

HiScreen columns are prepacked with a choice of 13 different BioProcess chromatography media, such as the different MabSelect™ and Capto™ media as well as five different hydrophobic interaction chromatography media based on Sepharose™ Fast Flow. The columns are ideal for method optimization and parameter screening. The 10 cm bed height gives sufficient residence time to serve as a basis for linear process scale up and, if required, two columns can easily be connected in series to give 20 cm bed height. HiScreen columns are robust, can be used repeatedly with reproducible results for convenience and time saving.

GE Healthcare’s BioProcess chromatography media have been specifically designed to meet the demands of industrial biotechnology. The process chromatography media pass the rigorous selection requirements for the process scale downstream processing of biopharmaceuticals.

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