New Thermo Scientific Heracell Incubators Support the Future of Fully Automated Labs

First-of-its-kind innovation for CO2 Incubators delivers new features compatible with lab automation, supporting emerging automated cell therapy production processes

WALTHAM, Mass. – To support the future implementation of workflow automation in cell therapy production, Thermo Fisher Scientific introduces the Thermo Scientific™ Heracell™ VIOS™ 250i AxD CO2 Incubators. These first-of-their-kind CO2 incubators are designed for integration into automated and modular laboratories. The VIOS family of incubators are known for optimal cell growth conditions and minimal contamination risk. Now adding the innovation of patent-pending automated door control, the Heracell VIOS AxD CO2 incubator opens automatically when integrated into a centralized lab automation platform, allowing vessel loading and unloading through robotic control and supporting continuous cell therapy production processes.

Emerging cell therapy manufacturers, biotech and pharmaceutical companies focused on bringing advanced therapies to market want to automate production of cultured cells without compromising quality. The new innovative design of the Heracell VIOS Incubator modernizes cell therapy production without compromising on contamination control features.

“Human handling and complex processes limit broad availability of cutting-edge cell therapies to treat cancer, autoimmunity, and orphan diseases. Automation could play a vital role in producing therapies in a more economical and safer fashion,” said Douglas Wernerspach, Senior Business Director, general manager – CO2 Growth, Protection and Separation products, Laboratory Products at Thermo Fisher. “Very few automation solutions available on the market allow for multiple large sample vessels in various laboratory workflows. This novel COIncubator brings our customers closer to a fully automated lab.”

The Heracell VIOS 250i AxD CO2 Incubators are the most advanced incubators in the VIOS portfolio. Thanks to its excellent cell culturing conditions that help ensure critical quality attributes of cells, Heracell VIOS 250i AxD CO2 incubators support the emerging automated cell therapy production processes on a large scale, culminating in an advancement that helps improve human health by supporting the cell manufacturing process within cell and gene therapies. Features include:

  • In-chamber HEPA filtration capturing all particles regardless of size, protecting cultures from airborne contaminants that can enter any incubator when the door is opened.
  • Thermo Scientific™ THRIVE™ active airflow for homogeneous culturing conditions throughout the incubator chamber. The Thermo Scientific Steri-Run™ Cycle, which is independently proven to reach a 12-log sterility assurance level, eliminating more than one million biological indicators for both dry heat sterilization and autoclave sterilization in half the lethal time used in production models.

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