New visualizations including t-SNE for single cell data analysis

We are delighted to introduce a new version of Qlucore Omics Explorer  – 3.4, an exciting new release with a wide range of productive tools to enhance your data analysis, making it easier and faster to gain new research insights.

Qlucore Omics Explorer 3.4 includes the following news

  • Single cell RNA-seq support including a t-SNE plot as well as a sub-sampling tool to reduce the number of samples
  • A new pre-filter module with extensive options to remove unwanted variables
  • Volcano plot and Venn diagrams
  • Option to include statistical significance levels in the Box and the Kaplan-Meier plots
  • Import clinical data (sample annotations) easier with the annotation Wizard.
  • Improved support for proteomics data import with the Wizard
  • Improved integration with R with new scripts for data transfer back and forth
  • Improved integration with Genevestigator from Nebion
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