News Item: Cell Microsystems and OMNI Life Science Launch Partnership to Bring Innovative Cell Analysis Solutions to North America

DURHAM, NORTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES — Cell Microsystems, a leading provider of advanced tools for cell biology, is excited to announce a strategic partnership with OMNI Life Science (OLS), a renowned German cell biology company. This collaboration aims to introduce three revolutionary products – the CERO, CASY, and TIGR – to the United States and Canadian markets, marking a significant step in advancing life science research in North America.

CERO 3D Cell Culture Incubator & Bioreactor
The CERO 3D is a new, revolutionary instrument that creates an optimal cell culture environment for the production of specialized 3D cell culture models, including stem cells, spheroids, organoids, and even tissues.

CASY Cell Counter and Analyzer
The CASY is a cell counter that can quantify and analyze a high diversity of cell types from bacteria to mammalian cells to large stem cell aggregates, including large adipocytes.

TIGR Tissue Grinder & Dissociator
The TIGR offers a semi-automated, enzyme-free, fast, and reproducible approach to generating pure and individual single cells from tissue samples.

A Commitment to Advancing Science
This partnership between Cell Microsystems and OLS reflects a shared commitment to advancing scientific research and development. By combining their expertise and resources, the two companies aim to provide the scientific community with state-of-the-art tools that enhance research capabilities and accelerate discoveries.

“We are thrilled to partner with OLS to bring these innovative technologies to researchers in the United States and Canada,” said Gary Pace, CEO of Cell Microsystems. “The efforts with OLS combined with our recent acquisition of Fluxion Biosciences enhance our ability to support the research capabilities of our customers, paving the way for significant scientific breakthroughs.”

The addition of platforms from OLS and Fluxion Biosciences, combined with the CellRaft AIR portfolio, creates a highly unique and effective ecosystem of tools for the scientists in Biopharma, Biotech, and research labs to obtain answers that were not possible before,” said Kapil Kumar, VP of Strategic Marketing at Cell Microsystems, “Labs pursuing cell line development of edited cell lines, including Stem Cells, Cancer Cell, Organoids, and production cell lines, will particularly find the combined portfolio highly useful, making the impossible possible.”

Dr. Andreas Friese, OLS Chief Operating Officer, added “This partnership is a testament to our dedication to advancing the field of life sciences. The introduction of CERO, CASY, and TIGR in North America will empower researchers with the tools they need to explore new frontiers in biotechnology.”

About Cell Microsystems
Cell Microsystems is a biotechnology company specializing in innovative solutions for cellular and molecular biology. Based in Research Triangle Park, NC, the company focuses on developing tools that enable researchers to perform complex cellular development, analyses, and manipulations with unparalleled precision and efficiency.

About OMNI Life Science
OLS is established as a manufacturer and partner for leading technology organizations and companies. Focusing on people and innovations, the OLS mission is to promote research in life sciences with smart, reliable, and user-friendly solutions. The OLS instruments are found in laboratories in the public sector, private laboratories, and laboratories of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Get to know OLS as the Partner in Cell Research at

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