Nicoya launches cost-effective and flexible digital SPR solutions to support biologics discovery

KITCHENER, ON, CANADA — Nicoya Lifesciences Inc., a pioneering life sciences instrument company specializing in innovative biosensor technologies, is pleased to announce the launch of flexible software configuration packages for their flagship Alto™ Digital Surface Plasmon Resonance (Digital SPR™) system. These packages are designed to provide access to the innovative Alto system at a cost-effective price for scientists. The Alto systems accelerate the study of biomolecular interactions and screening for lead drug candidates across various stages of biologics discovery.

Acknowledging the continued challenging macroeconomic environment for many biotech companies, Nicoya® unveiled its strategy to help companies and academic institutions advance their R&D initiatives by increasing the affordability of Alto. This milestone underscores Nicoya’s unwavering commitment to provide accessible research tools to the scientific community.

The new Alto configurations provide flexibility tailored to scientists’ specific research needs. Users can choose between two software options – the Nicosystem™ Pro and Nicosystem™ Essentials – and add additional software application modules as needed, enabling customization that meets the users’ budgets. Additionally, Alto’s main consumable – the Alto Cartridge™ – will now be offered at a lower price point to further drive down operating costs.

“With the introduction of these new software configurations, we aim to empower labs of all sizes to leverage the time-, sample- and cost-saving capabilities of digital SPR for their research needs,” said Sriram Kumaraswamy, PhD, Senior Vice President of Marketing & Product at Nicoya. “We are confident these enhancements will ease financial burdens and help companies in their pursuit of R&D initiatives in the coming years, making a positive impact on life sciences research.”

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