Novel Mass Spectrometry Technology Acquired by Ilika

Ilika Technologies, the science-led materials discovery company, has acquired the assets of Achyra Developments Ltd, including the key intellectual property and all exploitation rights to a novel mass spectrometer technology based on ion acceleration to a constant velocity. A major advantage of the new technology is that, in contrast to existing mass spectrometer technologies, it can be scaled down without loss of performance and is therefore expected to enable the development of compact, low-cost instruments for use in application areas such as medical diagnostics and homeland security. Prof Brian Hayden, CSO stated, “This intellectual property is a valuable addition to the growing portfolio of proprietary technologies Ilika has developed. In particular, this invention is based on basic principles which are a step-change from accepted method. It has the potential to revolutionize the sector.” Ilika Technologies is a privately held company which was spun out of the University of Southampton in 2004. Ilika quickly established a reputation for innovation and rapid results in the high growth industry of materials development. The company specialises in the development and application of high-throughput, combinatorial R&D techniques for the accelerated discovery of new materials. In particular, Ilika has the capability of creating, as well as characterising, vast numbers of inorganic materials deposited using physical vapour deposition and chemical vapour deposition techniques as well as the capability of generating and screening thousands of bio-compatible polymers. The main markets that Ilika has chosen to focus upon include the energy, electronic and biomedical sectors. Ilika engages with customers through research collaborations, technology development projects and through licensing of materials which Ilika has developed. Contact: Graeme Purdy, CEO Main line +44 (0)23 8011 1400 Main fax line +44 (0)23 8011 1401 email: [email protected]

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