Nysa Announces Company Name Change to Natrix Separations, Inc.

Burlington, ON, June 17, 2008 ¯ Natrix Separations, Inc., a supplier of high performance, single use and multi-cycle disposable chromatography products, announced today the company’s new name and launched a family of lab scale chromatography products based on its patented adsept™ separations technology at the BIO 2008 meeting in San Diego, CA. The company’s name change reflects its focus on providing customers with a wide range of sophisticated separation solutions based on its novel microporous hydrogel composite technology. Natrix Separations’ newly launched lab product line is based on the company’s patented adsept technology which combines the high binding capacity, selectivity and specificity normally associated with resin-based chromatography with the high throughput and ease of use of traditional membrane products. adsept Technology Natrix Separations, Inc. was founded in 2005 in Ontario, Canada, as Nysa Membrane Technologies, Inc., to commercialize a unique chromatography technology originally developed at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. The adsept technology consists of a polymeric hydrogel formed within a flexible porous support matrix. The support matrix provides mechanical strength, while the hydrogel properties determine the separation chemistry of the product. Adsept’s microporous structure provides a large surface area for binding and facilitates rapid mass transfer, supporting high flow rates while providing highly efficient capture of the target molecule. “Adsept technology provides a significant performance improvement over conventional chromatography resins and membrane-based products,” said Lisa Crossley, President of Natrix Separations. “The high binding capacity provides significant benefits in productivity, throughput and economy at all scales. The technology will also enable highly selective chromatographic separations in many applications where no commercially viable separation process currently exists.” Natrix Introduces Quantum™ Lab Scale Disposable Chromatography Products The Natrix Quantum line of lab scale chromatography products provides life science researchers and lab scale process developers with a wider range of tools for purifying bench-scale quantities of biomolecules, while improving separation efficiency and increasing productivity. The Quantum line of products is based on Natrix’s patented adsept technology which combines the resolution and binding capacity typical of chromatographic resins with the speed and ease of use of membranes. The Quantum line of lab scale products has several advantages over other small scale separation devices: Productivity – High binding capacity and throughput. Speed – Purify more material in less time. Simplicity – Products are available that can be run with a syringe, centrifuge, peristaltic pump or vacuum. The full press release can be viewed http://www.natrixseparations.com/news.html About Natrix Separations, Inc. Natrix Separations is a supplier of high performance, single use and multi-cycle disposable chromatography products to the life science, bioprocess manufacturing, nutraceutical, food, beverage and water markets. Natrix has developed a unique technology that combines the resolution and high binding capacity of chromatographic resins with the rapid processing of traditional membrane-based devices. Natrix disposable chromatography products are available in a variety of formats and chemistries for lab and process scale separations. www.natrixseparations.com adsept and Quantum are trademarks of Natrix Separations, Inc.

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