OmniTier unveils the industry’s first on-premise, standalone, end-to-end genomic analysis appliance, at cost below $50 per WGS sample, at scale

Single, standalone, plug-and-play genomics appliance from long read and short read sequencers’ FASTQ data, to prioritized, causal variants report

SAN JOSE, CA. USA: OmniTier Inc, a leader in on-premise genomics analysis products, today launched the industry’s first on-premise, standalone appliance for both human genomic data analysis (secondary analysis) and biomedical data interpretation (tertiary analysis), called CompStor SpectrumTM. Benefitting from proprietary AI, acceleration technology and built-in automation,  CompStor SpectrumTM can produce high volume genomics test reports at an average cost per whole genome sequencing (WGS) analysis of less than $50 each.

Research and clinical organizations, and genomic services providers can benefit from CompStor SpectrumTM by achieving large cost savings, from automated end-to-end sample analysis, and increased data security from on-premise or private cloud deployments. OmniTier genomic analysis appliances are installed in an organization’s own IT data center and operated by bioinformaticians or geneticists through their local  browser. These appliances operate without a connection to the public internet; a benefit for added data privacy and security, as well as an opportunity for healthcare providers to deliver genomic healthcare in regions with poor, or no internet connectivity.

OmniTier and the Centre for Genome Diagnostics (CGD) at A*STAR’s Genome Institute of Singapore (GIS) will jointly develop the on-premise analytical infrastructure for A*STAR’s GIS’ lab-developed clinical NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) assays for a more affordable, efficient and secure, clinically validated analytical platform for processing clinical samples.

“GIS is a great collaborator, and we look forward to our continued collaboration with GIS, a powerhouse of genomic science and technology in Singapore”, said Dr. Hemant Thapar, CEO and co-founder of OmniTier.  “CompStor® Spectrum is designed to complement the cost reduction in sample costs announced by sequencer suppliers, to make WGS and WES analysis and testing more affordable.”

CompStor SpectrumTM was developed to dramatically improve the efficiency and productivity of teams of bioinformaticians and geneticists. Its fast end-to-end, accelerated workflows can analyze and produce diagnostic reports on approximately 10,000 whole exomes or 2,000 whole genomes per year. It integrates secondary analysis for Long Read and Short Read (NGS) sequencers, calling highly accurate variants including SNPs, indels, structural variants, mitochondrial and copy number variants. Together with secondary analysis, CompStor Spectrum’s intuitive, integrated graphical user interface supports a rich menu of tertiary analysis use cases, including variant annotation, custom database creation, functional effect prediction, automated ACMG ranking, AI-driven classifier for causal variant prioritization, trio analysis and GWAS analysis.

CompStor SpectrumTM offers a scalable solution, where additional CompStor® appliances can be added to support higher annual volume or reduced analysis time requirements.  CompStor SpectrumTM is shipping now. Free evaluations are available upon request.

About OmniTier Inc.
OmniTier develops proprietary genomics analysis algorithms and workflows based upon advanced, proprietary AI and data acceleration technologies. These are incorporated into the company’s high-capacity genomic analysis appliances and solutions for clinical and academic research, population studies, pharmaceutical, and consumer genomics applications. Founded in February 2015, the company is headquartered in the Bay Area, CA USA. For more information, visit

OmniTier products are provided for Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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