Oxford Instruments Asylum Research releases Cypher ES Atomic Force Microscope Package for Battery Research

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. — Oxford Instruments Asylum Research today announces the release of its new atomic force microscope (AFM) package developed for battery research, the Cypher ES Battery Edition. The configuration combines the ultra-high-performance Cypher ES AFM with an easy-to-use electrochemistry cell that enables a wide range of EC-AFM experiments. Performance features include fast scanning to enable capture of dynamic processes and unmatched stability and resolution even when integrated with a glovebox for lithium battery research.

“The Cypher ES Battery Edition is a versatile tool for optimizing battery performance and enabling nanoscale characterization of the electrode/electrolyte interface. For example, it can monitor the formation and stability of solid-electrolyte interphases (SEI) or probe electrical double-layer (EDL) structures,” commented Dr. Ben Ohler, Senior Product Line Manager at Oxford Instruments Asylum Research.

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