South Australian biotechnology company, TGR BioSciences Pty Ltd, has secured a long term licensing agreement with PerkinElmer, Inc., a leading US technology company that will provide worldwide distribution of TGR’s new generation of drug screening kits.

TGR’s SureFire™ ERK assay kits use cutting-edge proprietary technology that helps pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies as well as research institutions to identify new drugs which are effective against cancer, asthma, heart disease and other conditions.

“We already sell our kits to major pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in the US, Europe and the UK,” said Dr. Leanna Read, Managing Director of TGR BioSciences. “PerkinElmer’s extensive global marketing networks and resources will ensure much greater market penetration worldwide, increasing our sales and our growth as a successful biotechnology company.”

TGR’s SureFire™ assay kits work by detecting changes in proteins in cells. Identification of these changes can be used to develop new treatments for a broad spectrum of diseases. Combined with PerkinElmer’s AlphaScreen® technology, the kits offer precision, accuracy and speed.

While other screening techniques are time-consuming and expensive to use, the SureFire™ ERK assay kits are highly sensitive and can be fully automated: thousands of samples can be tested in a day.

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