We are excited to inform you that eralytics has been granted the patent US 11,493,417 B2 for the automated bubble detection and bubble quantification technology FillingProofTM .

When measuring a liquid’s density, the U-tube’s vertical orientation minimizes the likelihood of air bubbles becoming trapped in the density cell. To ensure bubble-free filling, eralytics has developed Filling ProofTM.  This technology is a method for determining a measurement error caused by a filling error, in particular the presence of gas bubbles, when measuring the density of a liquid with a densimeter. Unlike error-prone optical methods, the change in density as a function of applied pressure is used to detect even the smallest bubbles, providing reliable results even for non-transparent samples such as crude oil.

Learn more about FillingProofTM in our ERADENS X feature video at 1:35 sec.:

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